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FAIR, Jeff Eden (Jeff Fair)


Married Starr Parodi (a composer and musician). Education: Studied music at Cornish Institute.

Addresses: Agent Christine Russell, Bully Music, L.L. C., 12300 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Career: Composer and musician. Hybrid Arts (music software designers), head of research and development; Sonic DopplerGray Dog Studios, Los Angeles, co-founder and partner; composer (with Starr Parodi) of music for several film and television program trailers since 1996, including those for the films Blade 2, Blown Away, Die Another Day, Dreamcatcher, Goldeneye, A Guy Thing, Hackers, I Am Sam, Kangaroo Jack, Species, Speechless, Stargate, Tombstone, and UTurn. With Starr Parodi, composer of music for film studio logos, special events, and promotions. Also a sound designer and record producer.

Member: Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI).

Awards, Honors: (All with Starr Parodi) Telly Award for film trailer for Blown Away; Chicago International Film Festival Award, London International Award, Key Art Award, and Telly Award, all for film trailer for Goldeneye; Chicago International Film Festival Award, Key Art Award, and Telly Award, all for film trailer for Hackers; Chicago International Film Festival Award and London International Award, both for film trailer for Speechless; New York Festivals Award and Telly Award, both for film trailer for Species; London International Award and Telly Award, for film trailer for Stargate; Chicago International Film Festival Award and Key Art Award, both for film trailer for UTurn; BMI Cable Award, Broadcast Music, Inc., 2003, for The Division.


Film Composer, with Starr Parodi:

(As Jeff Fair) Marilyn: The Last Word (documentary), Paramount, 1993.

The Eighteenth Angel, Rysher Entertainment, 1997.

Screenland Drive, Zzyzx Films, 2000.

Do You Wanna Know a Secret?, Mainline Releasing, 2001.

Stuey, AWV Productions, 2003.

Jeff Eden Fair and Starr Parodi's songs have been featured in films. Their songs "Bertha Lands" and "Warning" both appeared in Ghost World, MetroGoldwynMayer/United Artists, 2001.

Television Composer, with Starr Parodi; Series:

The Edge, Fox, 19921993.

Champs, ABC, 1996.

Malibu Shores, CBS, 1996.

Main title music, Gottschalk, beginning 1996.

(And theme music) Arsenio, ABC, 1997.

Maggie, Lifetime, 19981999.

The Division (also known as Heart of the City ), Lifetime, 20012003.

With Starr Parodi, also contributed music to the series Fame, NBC and syndicated.

Television Composer, with Starr Parodi; Movies:

Shame II: The Secret, Lifetime, 1995.

The Secret She Carried, NBC, 1996.

Crowned and Dangerous, ABC, 1997.

Little Girls in Pretty Boxes, Lifetime, 1997.

A Nightmare Come True, CBS, 1997.

I've Been Waiting for You, NBC, 1998.

The Sky's on Fire (also known as Countdown: The Sky's on Fire ), ABC, 1998.

A Family in Crisis: The Elian Gonzales Story (also known as The Elian Gonzales Story ), Fox Family Channel, 2000.

Sex, Lies & Obsession, Lifetime, 2001.

Composer for Albums:

Change, Capitol, 1991.

With Starr Parodi and Aeone, composer for music catalog collections.



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Mix, September 1, 1999.


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