Fair Game 1995

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Fair Game ★★½ 1995 (R)

Miami police detective Max (Baldwin) defies orders so he can protect family attorney Kate (Crawford, in her big-screen debut) from high-tech assassins. Nice work if you can get it. Generic action plot provides Crawford and first-time director Sipes with relatively safe proving ground. Cindy wears the “Die Hard” dirty white tank top look fetchingly enough (and showers when the action slackens), while Baldwin is no slouch in the babe department (male division) either. Based on Paula Gosling's 1978 novel “Fair Game,” which was previously filmed as 1986's “Cobra.” 91m/C VHS, DVD . William Baldwin, Cindy Crawford, Steven Berkoff, Miguel (Michael) Sandoval, Christopher McDonald, Johann Carlo, Salma Hayek, John Bedford Lloyd, Jenette Goldstein; D: Andrew Sipes; W: Charlie Fletcher; C: Richard Bowen; M: Mark Mancina.