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DEEZEN, Eddie 1958


Born March 6, 1958, in Cumberland, MD; son of Robert and Irma Deezen.

Addresses: Agent International Creative Management, 8942 Wilshire Blvd., #155, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Contact c/o 8205 Santa Monica Blvd., #I316, West Hollywood, CA 900465912.

Career: Actor. Appeared in television commericals as voice of Pop, Kellogg's Rice Krispies, 1997, and for Taco Bell, 1997.


Film Appearances:

Froggy, Laserblast, Irwin Yablans Company, 1978.

Eugene, Grease, Paramount, 1978.

Richard "Ringo" Klaus, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Universal, 1978.

Herbie Kazlminsky, 1941, MCA/Universal, 1979.

Wesley, Midnight Madness, Buena Vista, 1980.

Red, Desperate Moves (also known as A Desperate Case, Rollerboy, Save the Last Dance for Me, Steigler and Steigler, Stiegler: A Desperate Case, and Stiegler: A Serious Case ), 1981.

Eugene, Grease 2, Paramount, 1982.

Sheldon, Zapped!, Embasssy Pictures Corp., 1982.

Malvin, computer nerd, WarGames, United Artists, 1983.

Menlo, Surf II (also known as Surf II: The End of the Trilogy ), Aquarius Releasing, 1984.

Sydney, The Rosebud Beach Hotel (also known as Big Lobby and The NoTell Hotel ), Almi Pictures, 1984.

Lane, Delta Pi (also known as Mugsy's Girls ), Pegasus Films, 1985.

Voice of Donnie Dodo, Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird (also known as Follow That Bird ), Warner Bros., 1985.

Sphincter, Polish Vampire in Burbank, Vistar International Pictures, 1985.

Parking attendant, The Longshot, Orion, 1986.

Eddie Lipshultz, The Whoopee Boys, Paramount, 1986.

Rollie, Million Dollar Mystery (also known as Money Mania ), De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, 1987.

Hancock, Happy Hour (also known as Sour Grapes ), The Movie Store, 1987.

Dorf's Golf Bible, 1987.

Hungry Heifer manager, Critters 2: The Main Course, New Line Cinema, 1988.

Dopey Deputy, Assault of the Killer Bimbos, Empire Pictures, 1988.

Kyle Carpenter, Bevery Hills Vamp, Vidmark Entertainment, 1988.

Walter, Hollywood Boulevard II, Concorde, 1989.

Slappy the clown, Wedding Band, IRS Media, 1990.

Dorf Goes Auto Racing, Premiere Home Video, 1990.

Voice of Snipes, RockADoodle (animated), Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1991.

Pizza boy, Teenage Exorcist, Action International Pictures, 1991.

Voice, We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story, Universal, 1993.

Video cameraman, Il silenzio dei prosciutti (also known as The Silence of the Hams ), October Films, 1994.

Phil the guard, Mr. Payback: An Interactive Movie, A.e. c., 1995.

Rancor guard who gets spit on, Spy Hard, Buena Vista, 1996.

The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue (animated), 1999.

Television Appearances; Series:

Eddie Malvin, a recurring role, Punky Brewster, NBC, 1984.

Voice of Ham, Mother Goose & Grimm (animated; also known as Grimmy ), CBS, 1992.

Voice of Mandark, Dexter's Laboratory (animated; also known as Dexter's Lab and Dexter de shiyanshi ), Cartoon Network, 1996.

Voice of the guy boarded up in the wall, The Weird Al Show, CBS, 1997.

Voice, Pigs Next Door (also known as Muca beal dorais ), 2000.

Voice of Larry, Lloyd in Space (animated; also known as Disney's Lloyd in Space ), ABC, 2001.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Eric Philpot, Champions: A Love Story, CBS, 1979.

Himalayan operator, Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective (also known as The Raven Red KissOff ), syndicated, 1990.

Don Tony, Mob Boss, syndicated, 1991.

Voice of Caliph, ScoobyDoo in Arabian Nights (animated; also known as Scooby Doo's Arabian Nights ), syndicated, 1994.

Agent Tucker, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, ABC, 1995.

Voice of Mandark, Dexter's Laboratory Ego Trip (animated), Cartoon Network, 1999.

Teleivison Appearances; Specials:

Himself/Eugene, VH1 Where Are They Now: Grease, VH1, 1998.

(Uncredited; in archive footage) Voice of Mandark, The First 13th Annual Fancy Anvil Awards Show Program Special Live in Stereo (animated), Cartoon Network, 2002.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Ron Carp, Homeroom (also known as Home Room ), ABC, 1981.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Grusky, "The Big Fight," The Facts of Life, NBC, 1982.

Carl "Killer" Kapelwitz (some sources cite Mickey Dalrumple), "Squeeze Play," Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1983.

Merle Monroe, "Lady in Green," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1986.

Demon #2, "The Demons," Monsters, syndicated, 1989.

Voice of Mouth, "Darkly Dawns the Duck: Parts 1 & 2," Darkwing Duck (animated), ABC and syndicated, 1991.

Voice of Iggy Catalpa, "Joking the Chicken," Duckman (animated), USA Network, 1994.

Voice of Melvin, "Masked Chess Boy," Life with Louie (animated), Fox, 1996.

Voice of Iggy Catalpa, "The Color of Naught," Duckman (animated), USA Network, 1996.

Voice of Iggy Catalpa, "The Mallardian Candidate," Duckman (animated), USA Network, 1996.

Voice of Bahuka, "AlcatrazMataz/Oahu Wahoo!," Timon & Pumbaa (animated), 1996.

Voice of Olga/Lalalava, "Dee Dee's Rival," Dexter's Laboratory (animated), Cartoon Network, 1998.

Voice of Frank "Tiny" Sedgwick, "Lord of the Nerds," Recess (animated), 1999.

Voice of Oswald, "Johnny Goes to Camp," Johnny Bravo (animated), Cartoon Network, 1999.

Voice of Mandark's computer, "Overlabbing," Dexter's Laboratory (animated), Cartoon Network, 2002.

Ned, "Bueno Nacho," Kim Possible, 2002.

Also appeared as Ned, "Ron Millionaire," Kim Possible; voice of biker, "Queasy Rider," Goof Troop (animated); ice cream guy, "Diseasy Does It!," Kenny & the Chimp; voice of Mandark, Cartoon AllStars to the Rescue (animated); voice of Mandark, Cartoon Madness (animated); voice of Mandark, House of Toon (animated); voice of Mandark, Survivor: Cartoon Cartoon vs. Nicktoons (animated); voice of Mandark, The Cartoon Characters Villains (animated); voice of Mandark, "Dexter's Laboratory," Toon Jam (animated); voice of Mudwell the Mudbunny, Cartoon All Stars: STOP SAMURAI JACK! (animated); voice, Eek the Cat (animated).


Music Videos:

Appeared in Quiet Riot's "Party All Night."



Shock Cinema, fall/winter, 2000.