Deering (or Dering), Richard

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Deering (or Dering), Richard

Deering (or Dering), Richard , English organist and composer; b. Kent, c. 1580; d. London (buried, March 22), 1630. He was educated in Italy; returned to England as a well-known musician and practiced in London; in 1610, took the degree of B.Mus. at Oxford; in 1617, became organist at the convent of English nuns at Brussels; in 1625, was appointed organist to Queen Henrietta Maria.


Cantiones sacrae sex vocum cum basso continuo ad organum (Antwerp, 1597); Cantiones sacrae quinque vocum (1617); Cantica sacra ad melodium madrigalium elaborata senis vocibus (Antwerp, 1618); Cantiones sacrae quinque vocum (1619); 2 books of Canzonette, one for 3 Voices and one for 4 (1620; author’s name given as Richardo Diringo Inglese);Cantica sacra ad duos et tres voces, composita cum basso continuo ad organum (London, 1662).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire