Bauchau, Patrick 1938-

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Bauchau, Patrick 1938-


Surname is pronounced Beau-show; born December 6, 1938, in Brussels, Belgium; son of Henri (a writer, publisher, school administrator, and psychoanalyst) and Mary (a publisher and school administrator; maiden name, Kozyrev) Bauchau; brother-in-law of Brigette Bardot (an actress); married Mijanou Bardot (an actress and writer); children: Camille. Education: Oxford University, B.A., modern languages. Avocational Interests: Cooking gourmet vegetarian meals, yoga, carpentry, gardening, collecting art.


Agent—David Shapira and Associates, 193 N. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Manager—Richard Schwaltz Man., 2934 Beverly Glen Cerde, Suite 107, Bel Air, CA 90077.


Actor. Worked with the producer Alexandre Mnouchkine; worked as a runner for director Eric Rohmer, 1960s. Worked for Salvador Dali building furniture and making pillows. Also worked in demolition. Involved with ecological causes.

Awards, Honors:

Golden Lion Award, best actor, Venice Film Festival, 1982, for Der Stand der Dinge; Gemini Award nomination, Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, for Mount Royal.


Film Appearances:

Frank, La carriere de Suzanne (also known as Suzanne's Career), 1963.

Adrien, La collectionneuse (also known as The Collector and Six contes moraux IV: la collectionneuse), 1967.

Tuset Street (also known as The Lover and La amante), 1967.

Tony, Guns, 1980.

Friedrich "Fritz" Munro, Der stand der dinge (also known as The State of Things and O estado das coisas), 1982.

Husband, Crystal Gazing, 1982.

Russian soldier, Enigma, 1982.

Les iles, 1982.

Adam, Le voyage d'hiver (also known as Winter Journey), 1983.

Carlier, Coup de foudre (also known as At First Sight, Between Us, and Entre nous), 1983.

Jordan, Premiers desirs (also known as First Desires and Erste sehnsucht), 1983.

Dettore, Nucleo zero (also known as Nucleus Zero), 1984.

Ethel's father, La femme publique (also known as The Public Woman), 1984.

Marc, Emmanuelle 4, 1984.

Zack Antoine, Choose Me, Island Alive, 1984.

Himself and Inspector Rudolf Geiger, Il mondo dell'orrore di Dario Argento (also known as Dario Argento's World of Horror), 1985.

Inspector Rudolf Geiger, Phenomena (also known as Creepers), 1985.

Robert, Lola, 1985.

Scarpine, A View to a Kill, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1985.

La moitie de l'amour (also known as Half of Love), 1985.

Frederico, Folie suisse, 1985.

Octave, Le conseil de famille (also known as Family Business), 1986.

Gregoire, O Archangelos tou pathous (also known as Potlatch), 1987.

Kubler, Friendship's Death, 1987.

Leo, Accroche-coeur, 1987.

Simon Lenhardt, Cross, 1987.

Motten im licht (also known as Flies in the Light), 1987.

Andre Valeur, Mount Royal, 1987.

Captain Luis Dantas, Balada de praia dos caes (also known as Ballad of Dog's Beach and La playa de los perros), 1987.

Prince Scotti, La maitre de musique (also known as The Music Teacher), 1988.

Raymond Ravennes, La travestie, 1988.

Andre Gauthier, Australia, 1989.

Collard, Comedie d'amour, 1989.

Visioni private (also known as Private Screening), 1989.

La Revolution Francaise, 1989.

Pablo, La mas natural (also known as The Most Natural Thing), 1990.

Paul, Erreur de jeunesse (also known as Youthful Indiscretion), 1990.

Robert, Robert's Movie, 1991.

Raymond Ravennes, Double Identity, 1991.

Roman Stal, Terra nova (also known as New Land), 1991.

Vic, The Rapture, 1991.

Como levantar 1000 kilos, 1991.

Craven, 1991.

Il nodo alla cravatta (also known as The Knot in the Necktie), 1991.

Boris Peralta, Complicazioni nella notte (also known as Complications at Night), 1992.

Jerald Buckley, Chain of Desire, 1992.

Mr. Johnson, Havanera 1820, 1992.

Performer at Disney World's Tomorrowland, From Time to Time (also known as Timekeeper and Le visionarium), 1992.

Richard, Every Breath, 1993.

Yoram Sussman, Acting on Impulse (also known as Eyes of a Stranger, Roses Are Dead, Secret Lies, and Secret Lives), 1993.

Enrique Rojas, Clear and Present Danger, Paramount, 1994.

Jean Levy, The New Age, Warner Bros., 1994.

Sherman McPhee, Dark Side of Genius, Pacific Shores Pictures, 1994.

Friedrich Munro, Lisbon Story (also known as Lisbonne Story and Viagem a Lisboa), 1994, Fox Lorber, 1997.

Padre Stephen Louis, Jenipapo (also known as The Interview), Video Search of Miami, 1995.

Sam, Serpent's Lair, New City Releasing/Warnervision Entertainment, 1995.

Balthazar, I magi randagi (also known as We Free Kings and Amour pour amour), I.P.S., 1996.

Hank Kerchief, The Beat Nicks, 1996.

Pierre-Yves, Enfants de salaud (also known as Bastard Brood), M6 Films, 1996.

Donald Cammell: The Ultimate Performance (documentary), Total Performance, 1998.

Miles, Twin Falls Idaho, Sony Pictures Classics, 1999.

Hank, The Beat Nicks, Exile Pictures, 2000.

Lucien Baines, The Cell, New Line Cinema, 2000.

Professor Giraud, The Sculptress, Phaedra Cinema, 2000.

Voice of Sevon and Santa Claus, Jackpot, Sony Pictures Classics, 2001.

Monsieur de Reaumur, C.E.O. (also known as Shouxi zhixingguan), Catmoon, 2002.

Dr. Twardon, Secretary, Lions Gate, 2002.

Stephen Altman, Panic Room, Columbia, 2002.

Max Malini, Shade, Dimension, 2003.

The perfect man, De fem benspaend, (also known as The Five Obstructions), Arsenal, 2003.

Jim Williamson, Promised Land, Columbus, 2004.

Dr. Hacker, Ray, Universal, 2004.

Raines, Vampires: The Turning, Sony, 2005.

Dr. Arnold, Karla, Quantum, 2006.

El Amor y la ciudad, Primer Plano, 2006.

Gregory Talbot, Boy Culture, Force, 2006.

Frank, Suzanne, Gemini, 2006.

Soldier of God, Anthem Pictures, 2006.

Documentarian, 9 Lives of Mara, Big Bang, 2007.

Albert Fish, The Gray Man, Raven Wolf, 2007.

Antique dealer, Ladrones (also known as Thieves), Pentagrama, 2007.

Mr. Fisher, The Memory Thief, Stark Raving Films, 2007.

Charles Becker, Chrysalis, Christal, 2007.

Richard, Glenn, Singing Tress, 2008.

Morena, La Possibilite d'une ile, (also known as Possibility of an Island), Morena, 2008.

Nikolai, The Perfect Sleep, Unified, 2008.

Film Appearances; Short Films:

Cat's Cradle, 1992.

Hank Kerchief, The Beatnicks, 1993.

Gunther, Damascus, 1995.

Television Appearances; Series:

Andre Valeur, Mount Royal (also known as Mont-Royal), beginning in 1987.

Archon Raine, Kindred: The Embraced, Fox, 1996.

Dr. Sydney Green, The Pretender, NBC, 1996-2000.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Don Rodrigo, Christopher Columbus, CBS, 1985.

Ludwik, Kane & Abel, CBS, 1985.

Miguel Servet, la sangre y la ceniza, 1988.

Dr. Daniel Goran, Revelations, 2005.

General de Lestrade, Mystere, 2007.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Pierre, Le Petit pommier, 1981.

Nucleo zero, 1984.

Alan Channing, Love Among Thieves, ABC, 1987.

Novosky, Paysage d'un cerveau, 1988.

Pavel, Tinikling ou "La madonne et le dragon" (also known as The Madonna and the Dragon), 1990.

Max Barsini, Columbo: Murder—A Self-Portrait, NBC, c. 1990.

Dr. Luc Montagnier, And the Band Played On, HBO, 1993.

Yoram Sussman, Acting on Impulse (also known as Eyes of a Stranger, Roses are Dead, Secret Lies and Secret Lives), 1993.

Sam, Serpent's Lair, HBO, 1996.

Dr. Sydney Green, The Pretender: Island of the Haunted, TNT, 2001.

Dr. Sydney Green, The Pretender 2001, TNT, 2001.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Bruno Baxter, Nestor Burma, c. 1991.

Inspector Morel, "The Monte Carlo Murders," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1992.

Arno Rutman, "Triple Cross" (also known as "The Corkscrew Intercept"), Fortune Hunter, Fox, 1994.

Shepard, "The Greatest Love Story Never Told," Earth 2, NBC, 1995.

"Patrick Bauchau," Autograph, 2002.

Frederick Vorn, "Flipping," Threat Matrix, 2003.

Professor Lodz, a recurring role, Carnivale, 2003-2005.

Voice of Kasnian Monk, "Hawk & Dove," Justice League (animated; also known as JL), Cartoon Network, 2004.

Dr. Willems, "Outside Man," CSI: NY, 2004.

Dr. Rowan Chase, "Cursed," House M.D. (also known as House), 2005.

Robert, Cinema mil, 2005.

Andrew Lyne, "Still Life," The Dead Zone (also known as Stephen King's "Dead Zone"), 2005.

Dr. Aldo Desantis, "Out of the Box," Alias, ABC, 2005.

Aldo Desantis, "The Horizon," Alias, ABC, 2005.

Jacob Rossier, "Day 5: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.," 24, Fox, 2006.

Victor Atkinson, "FBI Guy," Women's Murder Club, 2008.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Riker, Riviera, 1987.

Dr. Hopkins, La mujer de tu vida: La mujer perdida (also known as The Woman of Your Life: The Lost Woman), 1988.

Pavel, La madonne et le dragon (also known as The Madonna and the Dragon and Madonna und der drache), 1990.

Raymond Ravennes, Double Identity (also known as Frontiere du crime and Haute tension—Frontiere du crime), 1990.

Presenter, V premios Goya, 1991.

Andre Rouselle, Day of Reckoning, 1994.

Kurt, OP Center (also known as Tom Clancy's "OP Center"), ABC, 1995.

A Hard Look (also known as Emmanuelle: A Hard Look), 2000.

Making "Canivale": The Show Behind the Show, HBO, 2003.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Eli Chelarin, Blood Ties, Fox, 1991.


Video Games:

Voice of Tratos, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (also known as Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm), 1999.


Screenplays; Dialogue:

La collectionneuse (also known as The Collector and Six contes moraux IV: La collectionneuse), 1967.



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