Baudot, Joseph-Eugène-Anatole de

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Baudot, Joseph-Eugène-Anatole de (1834–1915). French architect. A pupil of Labrouste and Viollet-le-Duc, he is remembered primarily for the Church of St-Jean de Montmartre, Paris (1894–1902), in which Baudot used reinforced concrete and brick reinforced with steel rods. This building was influenced by Viollet-le-Duc's Entretiens (1863–72), and demonstrates Baudot's search for a rational architecture in which structure would be expressed. Even then, St-Jean owes much to medieval Gothic prototypes, and indeed Baudot's earlier Church of St-Lubin, Rambouillet (1865–9), was Gothic in spirit, but with iron piers. As a pioneer of reinforced-concrete construction, however, Baudot is of considerable importance.


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