Arctic Ocean Territories

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Arctic Ocean Territories

The territories of the Arctic Ocean lie on the continental shelves. Svalbard, formerly called Spitsbergen, and Jan Mayen are both located there. The area experiences arctic maritime weather, and has frequent storms and persistent fog. Svalbard is comprised of nine icy islands that are situated 400 miles north of Norway, which are rich with coal deposits. Jan Mayen is actually a volcanic island, located approximately 560 miles (901 km) northwest of Norway. Jan Mayen is known for its superior fishing, however other natural resources include oil and gas deposits.

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Jan Mayen

Uninhabited territory of Norway.

At a Glance

Official Name: Jan Mayen

Area: 144 sq. mi. (373 sq. km)


At a Glance

Official Name: Svalbard

Area: 38,557 sq. mi. (62,049 sq. km)

Population: 2,416

Unit of Money: Norwegian krone

Major Languages: Russian, Norwegian

Government: territory of Norway