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669. Unsophistication (See also Naïveté.)

  1. Adams, Parson industrious curate; good-naturedly unsophisticated. [Br. Lit.: Joseph Andrews ]
  2. Agnès ignorant girl; unaware of worlds and guardians wiles. [Fr. Lit.: LEcole des Femmes ]
  3. Barefoot Boy adventures of rural boyhood. [Am. Lit.: Hart, 57]
  4. Beverly Hillbillies the rustication of Californias wealthy Beverly Hills. [TV: Terrace, I, 9394]
  5. brown ass traditional symbol signifying lack of culture. [Animal Symbolism: Jobes, 142]
  6. Dogpatch town of illiterate country folk. [Comics: Lil Abner in Horn, 450]
  7. Donn, Arabella Judes wife; a vulgar country girl. [Br. Lit.: Jude the Obscure ]
  8. Geese of Brother Philip sheltered lad believes fathers explanation of girls. [Ital. Lit.: Decameron, Hall, 135]
  9. Grand Ole Opry country-western music performance hall and radio show; back-country motif. [Radio: Buxton, 100101]
  10. Grand Fenwick, Duchy of minuscule backward European kingdom that bites the worlds tail. [Am. Lit.: The Mouse That Roared ]
  11. Green, Verdant callow Oxford freshman; victim of practical jokes. [Br. Lit.: The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, Brewer Dictionary, 1126]
  12. Kadiddlehopper , Clem character who epitomizes naiveness. [Radio: The Red Skelton Show in Buxton, 197]
  13. Lil Abner naive comic strip character. [Comics: Horn, 450451]
  14. Miller, Daisy her American ways caused scandal in Rome. [Am. Lit.: Daisy Miller ]
  15. Okies Californians derogatory name for Oklahoma immigrants; meaning ignorant tramps. [Am. Lit.: The Grapes of Wrath ]
  16. Pyle, Gomer innocent character in Marine Corps situation comedy. [TV: Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. in Terrace, I, 319]
  17. Snerd, Mortimer ventriloquists dummy personifies unsophistication. [Radio: The Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Show in Buxton, 777]

Unworldliness (See ASCETICISM .)

Uselessness (See FUTILITY .)