Spirits and Spiritualism

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384. Spirits and Spiritualism

See also 182. GHOSTS ; 285. MYSTICISM ; 379. SOUL .

the ability to see, in a trance, into the world beyond the percep-tion of the normal senses, especially with the ability to predict future events. clairvoyant, n., adj.
the belief in the existence of an invisible fluidic body corresponding to ones physical body. fluidist, n.
the study of supernatural phenomena. hyperphysical, adj.
1. the belief that another person can serve as an instrument through which another personality or supernatural agency can communicate.
2. the art or practice of such a spiritualistic medium. mediumistic, adj.
interaction or communication between minds without the intervention of any known physical agency or other known medium.
1. Theology. the belief in intermediary spirits between men and God, as angels.
2. the doctrine or theory of spiritual beings. pneumatologist, n.
1. the reception of written spirit messages through a medium; spirit writing.
2. the production of images of spirits on film without the use of a camera, believed to be caused by spiritualistic forces. psychographic, adj.
communication between souls or with the spirit world. psychomantic, adj.
1. the belief that the dead survive as spirits that can communi-cate with the living, especially through a medium, a person particularly susceptible to their influence.
2. the practices or phenomena associated with this belief. Also spiritism. spiritualist , n. spiritualistic, adj. supranatural, supranaturalistic, adj.
clairvoyance or other occult or supernatural knowledge.
Rare. the theory that departed souls communicate with the living by tapping. typtologist, n. typtological, adj.
the belief in Zemis, supernatural beings known to the West Indian Tainos.