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521. Pretension (See also Hypocrisy.)

  1. Absolon vain, officious parish clerk. [Br. Lit.: Canterbury Tales, Millers Tale]
  2. Armado, Don Adriano de his language inordinately disproportionate to his thought. [Br. Lit.: Loves Labours Lost ]
  3. Chrononhotonthologos king whose pomposity provoked a fatal brawl with his general. [Br. Lit.: Walsh Modern, 96]
  4. Copper, Captain pretends to great wealth; jewels are counterfeit. [Br. Lit.: Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, Walsh Modern, 105]
  5. Coriolanus stiff-necked Roman aristocrat; contemptuous of the common people. [Br. Lit.: Coriolanus ]
  6. Dodsworth, Fran shallow industrialists wife ostentatiously gallivants about Europe. [Am. Lit.: Dodsworth ]
  7. Dogberry ostentatiously and fastidiously examines prisoners. [Br. Lit.: Much Ado About Nothing ]
  8. euphuism style overly rich with alliteration, figures, and Latinisms. [Br. Lit.: Euphues, Espy, 127]
  9. Isle of Lanterns inhabited by pretenders to knowledge. [Fr. Lit.: Pantagruel ]
  10. Jourdain, Monsieur parvenu grandiosely affects gentlemans mien. [Fr. Lit.: The Bourgeois Gentilhomme ]
  11. Madelon and Cathos their suitors had to be flamboyant. [Fr. Lit.: Les Precieuses Ridicules ]
  12. Melody, Cornelius self-deluded tavern-keeper boasts about his upper-class past to maintain a show of importance. [Am. Drama: Eugene ONeill A Touch of the Poet in Benét, 737]
  13. morning glory symbol of affectation; flower of September. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 175; Kunz, 330]
  14. Parolles boastful villain of affected sentiment and knowledge. [Br. Lit.: Alls Well That Ends Well ]
  15. Pendennis enters university posing as moneyed aristocrat. [Br. Lit.: Pendennis ]
  16. Verdurin, M. & Mme. nouveau-riche couple strive for social eminence. [Fr. Lit.: Proust Remembrance of Things Past ]
  17. willow herb indicates affectation. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 178]
  18. Yvetot, King of affects grandeur; kingdom is but a village. [Fr. Legend: Brewer Dictionary, 1173]

Prey (See QUARRY .)


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