Preti, Francesco Maria

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Preti, Francesco Maria (1701–74). Italian architect, he developed Palladio's laws of harmonic proportion by further elaborating upon the system. He numbered among his works the completion of the huge Palladian Villa Pisani, Strà, Italy, and various outbuildings, begun c.1720 to designs by Count Giovanni Frigimelica (1653–1732). He was also responsible for the Parish-Churches at Vallà (1730s), Tombolo (1750), Salvatronda (1751–76), and Caselle (1757), as well as for drawing up plans for the Cathedral (1723) and Theatre (1754) at Castelfranco. His theoretical work on musical ratios and architecture was published as Elementi di architettura in 1780.


Bae , Northern Italy (1913);
Jane Turner