Love, Spurned

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416. Love, Spurned

  1. Anaxarete princess turned to stone for scorning commoners love. [Gk. Myth.: Zimmerman, 21]
  2. Aoi, Princess afflicted by husbands amours; declines and dies. [Jap. Lit.: The Tale of Genii ]
  3. Butterfly, Madame considered herself Pinkertons wife; actually his mistress. [Am. Lit.: Madame Butterfly, Hart, 513; Ital Opera, Madama Butterfly ]
  4. Clavdia thought Hanss proposal foolish and refused him. [Ger. Lit.: The Magic Mountain, Magill I, 545547]
  5. Cloten spurned but persistent lover of Imogen. [Br. Lit.: Cymbeline ]
  6. Conchobar spurned, the king murders intendeds lover and his brothers. [Irish Legend: LLEI, I: 326]
  7. Courtly, Sir Hartley rejected by heiress; she prefers his son. [Br. Lit.: London Assurance, Walsh Modern, 108]
  8. Dashwood, Elinor bears rejection with dignity; eventually marries rejecter. [Br. Lit.: Sense and Sensibility ]
  9. Hermione rejected by Pyrrhus, who weds Andromache. [Fr. Lit.: Andromache ]
  10. Hudson, Roderick sculptor loses Christina Light to rich prince. [Am. Lit.: Roderick Hudson ]
  11. Hugon, George rejected by Nana, he stabs himself. [Fr. Lit.: Nana, Magill I, 638640]
  12. Jason Medeas lover; leaves her for Glauce. [Gk. Lit.: Medea, Magill I, 573575]
  13. Laurie long in love with Jo March, he begs her to marry him and is rejected. [Am. Lit.: Louisa May Alcott Little Women ]
  14. Litvinoff, Grigory Irina dallies with him for years but never yields. [Russ. Lit.: Smoke in Magill I, 897]
  15. Maggie rejected by brother, lover, mother, and neighbors. [Am. Lit.: Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, Magill I, 543544]
  16. Mellefont doublecrossed by friend and rejected lover. [Br. Lit.: The Double-Dealer ]
  17. Nemours, Count de rejected by the Princess de Cleves, who will not betray her husband even after he dies. [Fr. Lit.: Countess de La Fayette The Princess of Cleves in Magill II, 856]
  18. Newcome, Clive social conventions forbid him to pursue Ethel. [Br. Lit.: The Newcomes, Magill I, 650652]
  19. Orestes spurned suitor of Hermione. [Fr. Lit.: Andromache ]
  20. Phaedra feigns rape on being scorned. [Gk. Lit.: Hippolytus ]
  21. Potiphars wife traduces Joseph when seduction of him fails. [O.T.: Genesis 39:718]
  22. Robin, Fanny betrayed by Sergeant Troy, her betrothed. [Br. Lit.: Far From the Madding Crowd, Magill I, 266268]
  23. Touchwood, Lady dissolute matron rejected by nephews love. [Br. Lit.: The Double-Dealer ]
  24. Wiggins, Mahalah her fiancé changed his mind on their wedding day. [Am. Lit.: Peter Whiffle, Magill I, 739741]
  25. willow tree emblem of rejected affection. [Plant Symbolism: Tit-Willow, Mikado; Willow Song, Othello ]
  26. Wingfield, Laura caller fails to reciprocate the love she secretly had for him since high-school days. [Am. Drama: The Glass Menagerie in Hart, 317]
  27. Zuleika traditional name for Potiphars wife. [Pers. Lit.: Brewer Dictionary, 1175]