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Loved ★★ 1997 (PG-13)

Hedda's (Wright Penn) obsessively and destructively in love with the nameless ex-boyfriend (Lucero) who left her scarred after a suspicious fall out a window. The loser's being arraigned for the murder of his latest girlfriend and prosecutor Dietrickson (Hurt) wants Hedda to testify. But what no one counts on, and what no one can understand, is Hedda's justification of her ex's abuse. Pic and performances are vague. 109m/C VHS . Robin Wright Penn, William Hurt, Amy Madigan, Anthony Lucero, Lucinda Jenney, Joanna Cassidy, Paul Dooley, Jennifer Rubin; Cameos: Sean Penn; D: Erin Dignam; W: Erin Dignam; C: Reynaldo Villalobos; M: David Baerwald.