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crossette. Also croisette or crosette.
1. Projection on each side of the top of a Classical architrave around an aperture at the junction of the lintel and jamb, where the supercilium projects beyond the antepagments, and the mouldings return, forming ears, elbows, knees, lugs, or shoulders.

2. Console set on each flank at the top of an architrave around an aperture, supporting a cornice: consoles are also called ancones, ears, elbows, hawksbills (or beaks), knees, lugs, prothyrides, or trusses.

3. Shoulder, ledged projection, ear, joggle, or lug in a voussoir of a flat arch, segmental arch, or architrave constructed of voussoirs, fitting into a recess in the adjacent voussoir for stability.

4. Ledged or joggled voussoir resting on a neighbouring voussoir, as in rusticated ashlar over an aperture or in an arcade on piers.