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jog·gle1 / ˈjägəl/ • v. move or cause to move with repeated small bobs or jerks: [intr.] the car bounced and joggled on the rough road. • n. a bobbing or jerking movement. jog·gle2 • n. a joint between two pieces of stone, concrete, or timber consisting of a projection in one of the pieces fitting into a notch in the other or a small piece let in between the two. • v. [tr.] join (pieces of stone, concrete, or timber) in such a way.

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joggle, joggling.
1. Joint at the meeting of two adjacent pieces of stone to prevent them from sliding: it consists of a projection in one piece fitting into a notch in another, and is especially used in flat arches or built-up lintels made of several pieces, sometimes called crossette.

2. Rebated joints in timber construction, especially braces joining an upright post.

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