Bullet, Pierre

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Bullet, Pierre (1639–1716). French architect (a pupil of N. -F. Blondel) who practised in Paris from 1672. His Hôtels Crozat (now the Ritz) and d'Evreux in the Place Vendôme, Paris (1702–7), were precedents in their interior arrangement for later Parisian houses. He was the author of Livre Nouveau de Cheminées and L'Architecture Pratique (1691). His son, Jean-Baptiste Bullet de Chamblain (1665–1726), assisted his father in the construction of the houses in the Place Vendôme, but on his own he designed the Hôtel Poisson de Bourvalais (1703–7). His Château de Champs (1703–7) had an elliptical salon exposed in a protruding bow on the garden-front, while his Hôtel Dodun, Paris (after 1715), was a fine creation, with Rococo interiors.


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