Bulletproof Heart

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Bulletproof Heart ★★★ Killer 1995 (R)

Mick (LaPaglia), a hit man with a severe case of burnout, is assigned to kill Fiona (Rogers), a beautiful socialite who, conveniently, wants to die. Despite being warned by his boss (Boyle) that Fiona has a habit of making men weak, he falls in love and can't bring himself to kill her. First-time director Malone takes great care to establish the noir look and feel, capitalizing on the all-in-one-night timeframe to raise the tension level. LaPaglia and Rogers turn in riveting performances, but can't stop the film from losing momentum when it becomes self-consciously melodramatic near the end. 95m/C VHS . Anthony LaPaglia, Mimi Rogers, Peter Boyle, Matt Craven, Monica Schnarre, Joseph Maher; D: Mark Malone; W: Gordon Melbourne, Mark Malone; C: Tobias Schliessler; M: Graeme Coleman.