Behrendt, Walter Curt

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Behrendt, Walter Curt (1884–1945). German-born American architect and architectural writer. He worked with the Ministry for Housing and Town Planning (1919–26) and in the Ministry of Finance (1927–33), in which positions he promoted the Modern Movement in public building projects in Prussia and throughout the Weimar Republic. Like others of the avant-garde, he had been involved in the Deutscher Werkbund, and later joined Der Ring. He left Germany in 1934 and settled in the USA, where he taught at Buffalo, NY (1937–41), Dartmouth College, Hanover (1941–5), and elsewhere. He became a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright. His writings include Städtebau und Wohnungswesen in den Vereinigten Staaten (Town Planning and Housing in the United States–1926), Der Sieg des neuen Baustils (The Victory of the New Architectural Style–1927), Modern Building: Its Nature, Problems, and Forms (1937), and Roots of Contemporary American Architecture (1972).


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