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53. Bachelordom

  1. bachelors button celibacy symbol. [Flower Symbolism: Jobes, 171]
  2. Dillon, Matt bachelor U.S. marshal fights for law and order in Old West. [TV: Gunsmoke in Terrace, I, 331332]
  3. laurel symbol of unmarried scholar; whence, baccalaureate. [Flower Symbolism: Emboden, 25]
  4. Mason, Perry bachelor lawyer. [TV: Terrace, II, 199]
  5. Morgan, Rex bachelor doctor stars in comic strip. [Comics: Rex Morgan, M . D. in Horn, 580581]
  6. Odd Couple, The pair of bachelors living the good life in New York. [Am. Lit. and TV: Terrace, II, 160161]
  7. Pumblechook eminently available uncle of Joe Gargery. [Br. Lit.: Great Expectations ]

Badness (See EVIL .)