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wulfenite Mineral, PbMoO4; sp. gr. 6.5–7.0; hardness 3; tetragonal; orange-yellow, olive-green, or brown; white streak; resinous lustre; crystals usually square plates or tablets, sometimes occurs massive, granular, or botryoidal; cleavage good {101}; sub-conchoidal fracture; occurs as a secondary mineral in the oxidized zones of ore minerals of lead and molybdenum, and in association with anglesite, cerussite, and pyromorphite.

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anglesite Secondary lead mineral, PbSO4; sp. gr. 6.3–6.4; hardness 3; orthorhombic; normally colourless to white, but sometimes yellow, grey, or coloured by a bluish tinge; white streak; adamantine lustre; crystals tabular, prismatic, or pyramidal, or occurring as massive, granular, or compact aggregations; normally occurs in the oxidized zone of lead deposits, and often surrounds a core of galena.

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