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Tagliaferro, Linda


Born in Brooklyn, NY; married Frederic Thorner (an artist). Education: Hunter College, B.A. (fine arts); attended Temple University graduate school in Rome, Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia), and Villa Schifanoia Graduate School of Fine Arts (Florence, Italy).


Agent—c/o Author Mail, Capstone Press, 151 Good Counsel Dr., P.O. Box 669, Mankato, MN 56002. E-mail—[email protected]


Writer, illustrator, and lecturer. Former advertising artist; School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, teacher; speaker at schools and libraries.


Authors Guild, Authors League, Editorial Freelancers Association, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Awards, Honors

Bank Street College Best Children's Books of the Year designation, 1999, for Genetic Engineering, 2002, for Galápagos Islands, and 2004, for Thomas Edison; Society of School Librarians International Book Awards honor, and National Science Teachers Association Outstanding Science Trade Book designation, both 2002, both for Galápagos Islands.


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How Many Fish in the Sea?: A Book about Oceans, Capstone Press (Mankato, MN), 2007.

Contributor to periodicals, including New York Times, Boy's Life, Maxim, Coastal Living, and Art & Antiques.


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Beans, Capstone Press (Mankato, MN), 2007.


A writer as well as an illustrator, Linda Tagliaferro boasts a diverse career background. Originally an artist, she worked as an advertising artist and freelance illustrator overseas and within the United States. As a writer, Tagliaferro has established herself within the nonfiction realm through her books for children and young adults as well as adults. In her work she has penned titles on a range of biographical, historical, and scientific topics, such as the life and work of inventor Thomas Alva Edison, the Galápagos Islands, France's famous Palace of Versailles, and genetic engineering and cloning.

Critics have acknowledged Tagliaferro's nonfiction books for their ability to explain difficult topics in a clear and simple manner. In reviewing Genetic Engineering: Progress or Peril?, Booklist critic Frances Bradburn noted that "Tagliaferro makes a complex, difficult subject understandable without oversimplification." Genetic Engineering describes to young readers the pros and cons of genetic manipulation and details both the possible benefits and dangers of the new genetic technologies. Although they may lead to increased food supplies, there is also the possibility that superweeds and new, incurable diseases may result from genetic manipulation.

As a biographer Tagliaferro has written the young-adult titles Thomas Edison: Inventor of the Age of Electricity and Bruce Lee. Kristen Oravec, writing in School Library Journal, regarded Thomas Edison as a "clearly written and thoroughly researched volume," and concluded that Tagliaferro "explains the scientific aspects of Edison's work in a clear and concise language." In Bruce Lee Tagliaferro presents the life of the famous martial artist from a personal perspective. Abounding with biographical information on its subject, Bruce Lee provides readers an intimate view of the actor by quoting from interviews the author conducted with those closest to her subject, including his widow and daughter. School Library Journal reviewer Laura Santoro noted that Bruce Lee "is a solid offering, with tidbits of unusual information."

With Galápagos Islands: Nature's Delicate Balance at Risk Tagliaferro touches on the topics of biology and conservation. She explains the uniqueness of the islands and the creatures that inhabit them, and also describes how scientists preserve the islands' threatened species. Tagliaferro has been credited by reviewers for her ability to present a difficult subject matter in a simple and direct fashion. School Library Journal reviewer Michelle Capozzella noted that the author's "accessible text impresses upon readers the distinctiveness of the zoology of the islands," and Carolyn Phelan commented in Booklist that Tagliaferro's "lively, informative text offers an opportunity to understand what is unique about the islands." As Phelan concluded, Galápagos Islands is "a fine introduction to the wildlife of the Galápagos."

Tagliaferro told SATA: "From as far back as I could remember, I wanted to be an artist. I've worked in oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, and just about any medium imaginable. In 1990, I surprised myself by becoming a writer. Since then, I've had the great joy of writing for children, young adults, and adults. I want to share with my readers the great wealth of nature that surrounds us, and to inspire a desire to preserve the plants, animals, and stunning landscapes that are endangered.

"I've also had the honor of writing biographies of legends like inventor Thomas Alva Edison and martial artist Bruce Lee. My writing career has led me to inter- view interesting people like Bruce Lee's widow and Nobel Peace winner Dr. James D. Watson. Through my school visits, I encourage children and their teachers to pursue their love of reading, writing, and art."

Biographical and Critical Sources


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