Dijkstra, Lida 1961-

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Dijkstra, Lida 1961-


Born July 15, 1961, in Heerenveen, Friesland, Netherlands; married; children: Ingeborg. Education: Reinwardt Academie, H.B.O. (museum work); Leiden University, degree (archaeology).


Home—Friesland, Netherlands. E-mail—[email protected].


Children's book author, beginning 1992. Formerly worked as an art conservator and in museum work.

Awards, Honors

Rely Jorritsma prize, 1999; International Board on Books for Young People Award Honor listee, and Vlag en Wimpel award honorable mention, Griffeljury, both 2002, both for Wachten op Apollo; Simke Kloostermanprijs, 2004, for Frisian translation of Muisje mihn meisje, 2007, for Lederwyntsje; Leespluim, 2008, for Eén muisje kan geen optocht zihn.


Sjoerd Stiensma syn reis troch de tiid (title means "Sjoerd Stiensma Travels through Time"), Afûk (Netherlands), 1994.

De billebiter, Friese Pers Boekerij (Netherlands), 1995.

De skat fan jonker Jan, Afûk (Netherlands), 1996.

Pake past op Dideldeinstsje, Afûk (Netherlands), 1997.

Gevaar voor graaf Max, Bekadidact (Baarn, Netherlands), 1997.

Poppennact, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 1998.

Leaverikjes, Friese Pers Boekerij (Netherlands), 1998.

Sinto de Saurus, Bekadidact (Baarn, Netherlands), 1999.

Vlieg naar de zon, Pip, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2000.

Sim loopt weg, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2000.

Konig Kind, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2000.

Wolken fan wol (title means "Waiting for Apollo"; based on Ovid's Metamorphoses), illustrated by Martijn van der Linden, 2000, translated into Dutch as Wachten op Apollo Lemniscaat (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 2001.

Praat maar met Duif, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2001.

Pootjes, pootjes, puf, puf, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2001.

Het kinderhotel van juffrouw Kummel, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2002.

Ootje, illustrated by Marijke Klompmaker, Lemniscaat (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 2002.

Pip is op Snoes, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2002.

Maan en de Pixies, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2002.

Ootje weer, illustrated by Marijke Klompmaker, Lemniscaat (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 2003.

Pin wil geen prik, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2003.

Muisje mihn meisje, illustrated by Piet Grobler, Lemniscaat (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 2004, translated as Little Mouse, Lemniscaat (Asheville, NC), 2003.

Geeske en de cirkel van drie, illustrated by Harmen van Straaten, Lemniscaat (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 2004.

Stoppen!, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2005.

Tien kleine heksje, illustrated by Jung Hee Spetter, Lemniscaat (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 2005.

Rollebollebom, illustrated by Marijke Klompmaker, Gottmer (Haarlem, Netherlands), 2006.

Slaap lekker, prinses, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2006.

Schattig, illustrated by Marije Tolman, Lemniscaat (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 2006, translated as Cute, Lemniscaat (Asheville, NC), 2007.

Juffrouw Kummel en de kikkerprins, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2007.

Eén muisje kan geen optocht zijn, illustrated by Noëlle Smit, Gottmer (Haarlem, Netherlands), 2007.

Spiegelspreuk, illustrated by Roelof van der Schans, Aed Livwerd (Netherlands), 2007.

Kom van die peer, mier!, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2008.

Aangeboden: 2 schoolhond, Maretak (Assen, Netherlands), 2008.

Ik wil geen broertje!, illustrated by Noëlle Smit, Gottmer (Haarlem, Netherlands), 2008.


Lida Dijkstra is a Dutch author whose work has proved popular enough with young readers to merit an English translation. Born in Friesland, she enrolled at Leiden University with the dream of becoming an art historian and museum curator. After the birth of her daughter, however, Dijkstra began writing stories in her native Friesian as well as in Dutch. Her first published picture book, 1994's Sjoerd Stiensma syn rys troch de tiid, is the imaginative story of a young girl who travels through time. In 1999 Dijkstra was honored with the first of several awards for her writing: the Rely Jorritsma prize for a short story for adult readers. Her highly praised and ambitious adaptation of six stories from Ovid's Metamorphoses, published in Dutch as Wachten op Apollo, was included on the International Board on Books for Young People Honors List and 2002, in addition to receiving other honors.

Several of Dijkstra's book have been translated into English and published with the illustrations created for their Dutch or Frisian text. In Cute illustrator Marije Tolman brings to life Dijkstra's story about a young rabbit named Toby who is weary of being called "cute." Hoping to gain a grown-up appearance, Toby gets a pierced ear and a tattoo, and addresses his family and friends with tough-guy bravado. However, when he tries to impress observers with his skill on a motorbike, Toby meets the beautiful, long-eared Tara, who is more impressed with cuteness than toughness.

Another English translation, Little Mouse, was originally published as Muisje mihn meisje and features art by Piet Grobler. The book was described by School Library Journal contributor Robin L. Gibson as an "engaging retelling" of the folk story "The Mouse Bride." Dijkstra's version of the story finds an orphaned mouse raised by a hermit owl. When the mouse comes of age to be married, she and the wise old owl go in search of the strongest possible husband on earth, only to learn that strength is not always found in things of great size. Reviewing Little Mouse in Publishers Weekly, a critic wrote that "Dijkstra's brisk, straightforward text and familiar elements" provide a story with timeless appeal while "the giddy glee emanating from Grobler's artwork … makes the story magic."

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