Orlova, Alexandra 1911–

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Orlova, Alexandra 1911–

(Aleksandra Orlova, Aleksandra Anatol'evna Orlova, Alexandra Anatol'evna Orlova)

PERSONAL: Born February 22, 1911, in Ekaterinoslav, Russia (now Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine); immigrated to the United States, 1978; naturalized U.S. citizen, 1984; daughter of Anatoly (an art scholar) and Sara (a teacher; maiden name, Guber-Grits) Shneerson; married Georgy Pavlovich Orlov (a musicologist), 1935 (died, 1940); married Mikhail Aleksandrovich Glukh (a composer), 1948 (died, 1973); children: Alexei, Mikhail. Ethnicity: "Russian." Education: Attended Institute of Art History, 1927–29, and Leningrad University, 1933. Religion: Jewish.

ADDRESSES: Home—97 VanWagenen Ave., Apt. 1D, Jersey City, NJ 07306-5378.

CAREER: Leningrad Conservatoire, Leningrad, U.S. S.R. (now Russia), bibliographer, 1933–35; Leningrad Philharmonic, Leningrad, library bibliographer, 1935–37, library director, 1941–44; Tchaikovsky Museum, Klin, U.S.S.R., scientific worker, 1938–39; Leningrad Scientific Research Institute, Leningrad, scientific worker, 1945–50; writer, 1950–.


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Also coauthor of a work, the translated title of which is Tchaikovsky's Days and Years, (Moscow, U.S.S.R.), 1940. Contributor to anthologies, including Symphony Orchestras of the World: Selected Profiles, Greenwood Press (Westport, CT), 1987. Contributor of articles to periodicals.

SIDELIGHTS: Alexandra Orlova once told CA: "I am a music historian and documenter. Chronicles are the principal genre of my works. As far as I know, I am one of the very first to have started work on music chronicles more than sixty years ago.

"I write my books and articles to have them read—and understood—not only by scholars and students of music, but by the general reader as well."

She added: "My primary motivation for writing is love for music."



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