Ormerod, Roger

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ORMEROD, Roger. British, b. 1920. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense. Career: County court clerk; social security clerk and inspector. Publications: Time to Kill, 1974; The Silence of the Night, 1974; Full Fury, 1975; A Spoonful of Luger, 1975; Sealed with a Loving Kill, 1976; The Colour of Fear, 1976; A Glimpse of Death, 1976; Too Late for the Funeral, 1977; This Murder Come to Mind, 1977; A Dip into Murder, 1978; The Weight of Evidence, 1978; The Bright Face of Danger, 1979; The Amnesia Trap, 1979; Cart Before the Hearse, 1979; More Dead than Alive, 1980; Double Take, 1980; One Deathless Hour, 1981; Face Value, 1983, in US as The Hanging Doll Murder, 1984; Seeing Red, 1984; Dead Ringer, 1985; Still Life with Pistol, 1986; A Death to Remember, 1986; An Alibi Too Soon, 1987; The Second Jeopardy, 1987; An Open Window, 1988; By Death Possessed, 1988; Guilt on the Lily, 1989; Death of an Innocent, 1989; No Sign of Life, 1990; Hung in the Balance, 1990; Farewell Gesture, 1991; Bury Him Darkly, 1991; When the Old Man Died, 1991; Third Time Fatal, 1992; The Key to the Case, 1992; A Shot at Nothing, 1993; Shame the Devil, 1993; Mask of Innocence, 1994; And Hope to Die, 1995; Stone Cold Dead, 1995; Farewell Gesture, 1995; Landscape with Corpse, 1996; Curtain of Beads, 1996; The Vital Minute, 1996; The Night She Died, 1997; Parting Shot, 1998; The Seven Razors of Occam, 1998; Final Toll, 1999. Address: c/o Laurence Pollinger Ltd., 9 Staple Inn, London WC1V 7QH, England.