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Born in Oakland, CA. Education: Studied at the Vatican; degree in theology. Hobbies and other interests: Golf, computers.


Home—Los Angeles, CA. Agent—Herderdon/Hogan, 247 South Beverly Dr., Suite 102, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.


Actor and translator; Antaeus Company, Culver City, CA, founder and managing director; Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA, associate artist. Berkeley Shakespeare Festival, former artistic director; California Actors Theatre, former artistic director; The Acting Company, founding member; Juilliard Drama School, instructor; California State University, Hayward, professor emeritus of English.

Actor in films, including (as first judge) Nuts, Warner Bros., 1987; (as Old Man Morrison) Like Father, like Son, TriStar Pictures, 1987; (as Sam Mitgang) The Silence at Bethany, 1987; (as Marion Corey, Jr.) Funny Farm, Warner Bros., 1988; (as William Singer) Sunset, TriStar Pictures, 1988; (as Mr. McBain) Permanent Record, Paramount, 1988; (as Catlett) Hostile Witness, 1988; (as Bob) Clean and Sober, Warner Bros., 1988; (as mission commander) Body Wars, 1989; (as Washington Post editor) Wired, Taurus Entertainment, 1989; (as Charlie) The Fabulous Baker Boys, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1990; (as Mr. Seymour) Ghost Dad, Universal, 1990; (as Singleton) Eve of Destruction, Orion, 1991; (as Colonel Cochrane) Child's Play 3 (also known as Child's Play 3: Look Who's Stalking), Universal, 1991; (as police captain) Undercover Blues, United International Pictures, 1993; (as Dr. Feldman) The Temp, Paramount, 1993; (as voice of King William) The Swan Princess (animated), New Line Cinema, 1994; (as intervention counselor) Stuart Saves His Family, Paramount, 1995; (as Passenger Tucker) Bean, Gramercy, 1997; (as minister) Flubber (also known as Disney's Flubber: The Absent-minded Professor), Buena Vista, 1997; (as Senator Wright) The Siege, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1998; (as Dr. Jacobson) The Muse, October Films, 1999; (as voice of race judge) An Extremely Goofy Movie (animated), Buena Vista, 2000; and (as Arthur Lundhal) Thirteen Days (also known as Thirteen Days Which Shocked the World), New Line Cinema, 2000.

Actor in television series, including (as Dr. Harold Stratford) Doctor Doctor, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), 1989; (as Walt McCrorey) Down Home, CBS, 1990; (as Roscoe Davis) Drexell's Class, Fox, 1991; (as Harry Polachek) Cutters, CBS, 1993; (as Elliot) The Jeff Foxworthy Show (also known as Somewhere in America), National Broadcasting Company (NBC), 1995-96; (as Frank Gerard) The Office, CBS, 1995; (as Bishop Peter Jerome) Soul Man, American Broadcasting Companies (ABC), 1997; and (as Headmaster Charleston) Gilmore Girls, The WB, 2000-03.

Actor in made-for-television movies, including (as Sam Mitgang) The Silence at Bethany, 1988; (as Adam Berger) Naked Lie, CBS, 1989; (as Dr. Cutler) Out on the Edge, CBS, 1989; (as Charles Rusher) My Brother's Wife, 1989; (as Judge Aaron S. Mitofsky) Fine Things (also known as Danielle Steel's Fine Things), NBC, 1990; (as Cox) The Whereabouts of Jenny, ABC, 1991; (as Dr. Thomas) The Perfect Tribute, ABC, 1991; White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd, NBC, 1991; (as sheriff) Jailbirds, CBS, 1991; (as Francis Haynes) … And Then She Was Gone (also known as In a Stranger's Hand), NBC, 1991; (as Director Waugh) Under Cover (also known as The Company), Fox, 1991; (as Howards) Murder without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story (also known as Best Intentions), NBC, 1992; (as Larry) For Richer, for Poorer (also known as Father, Son, and the Mistress), Home Box Office (HBO), 1992; Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive, CBS, 1992; (as Tom McCall) Revolver, NBC, 1992; (as Albee Ferguson) Criminal Behavior, ABC, 1992; Rio Shannon, ABC, 1993; (as Congressman Phil Burton) And the Band Played On, HBO, 1993; Hart to Hart Returns, NBC, 1993; (as Henry Ashley) Staying Afloat, 1993; (as U.S. Vice President Walter Kelly) The Enemy Within, HBO, 1994; (as Andy Thornell) White Mile, HBO, 1994; (as Dr. Dubcheck) Virus (also known as Formula for Death, Robin Cook's Formula for Death, and Robin Cook's Virus), NBC, 1995; and Best Friends for Life, CBS, 1998.

Actor in television miniseries, including (as prosecutor) Fresno, CBS, 1986; (as judge) Baby M, 1988; Cross of Fire, NBC, 1989; (as Uncle Gene) Blind Faith, NBC, 1990; Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills, CBS, 1994; Nothing Lasts Forever, CBS, 1995; (as Wadsworth, Sr.) Rough Riders, 1997; and (as Dr. Thompson) From the Earth to the Moon, HBO, 1998. Guest star on television shows, including Murder, She Wrote; Star Trek: Voyager; King of Queens; The Practice; and The West Wing.

Actor in stage productions, including Coriolanus, 1988; (as Noah) Freedomland, Playwrights Horizons, Wilder Theatre, New York, NY, 1998-99; (as Falstaff) The Merry Wives of Windsor, Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA; (as Augie Belfast) Man Who Had All the Luck, Ivy Substation, Culver City, CA, 2000; (as Capulet and member of chorus) Romeo and Juliet, Center Theatre Group, Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, 2001; Mercadet the Napoleon of Finance, Anateus Company, Culver City, CA, 2001; (as Arnolphe) The School for Wives, South Coast Repertory Theatre, Costa Mesa, CA, 2002; The Proof of the Promise, Antaeus Company, El Paso, TX, 2002; (as Andrew Undershaft) Major Barbara, South Coast Repertory Theatre, 2002; (as Noah) Freedomland, South Coast Repertory Theatre; Legal Briefs, South Coast Repertory Theatre; and (as C. S. Lewis) Shadowlands, South Coast Repertory Theatre. Director of stage productions, including Henry V, Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, 1998; and (with John Achorn) Mercadet the Napoleon of Finance, Anateus Company, Culver City, 2001. Reader of audio books, including (with others) Mrs. Warren's Profession, by George Bernard Shaw, L.A. Theatre Works, 1996; (with others) State of the Union, L.A. Theatre Works, 1996; and Ravelstein, by Saul Bellow, 2000.


Best actor award, Orange County Weekly Theater Awards and Robby Awards, 2003, both for Major Barbara.



Agustín Moreto, Spite for Spite (three-act comedy; translation of Desdén con el desdén), Smith and Kraus (Lyme, NH), 1995.

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Also translated play La prueba de las promesas (The Proof of the Promise), by Juan Ruiz de Alarcón.



Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television, Volume 37, Gale (Detroit, MI), 2002.


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