Loewe, Michael 1922-

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Loewe, Michael 1922-


Born November 2, 1922, in Oxford, England; son of Herbert Martin James and Ethel Victoria Loewe. Education: Attended Magdalen College, Oxford, 1941; London School of Oriental and African Studies, London, B.A., 1951, Ph.D., 1962.


Home—Willow House, Grantchester, Cambridge CB3 9NF, England.


University of London, London, England, lecturer in history of the Far East, 1956-63; Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, lecturer in Chinese studies, 1963-90; writer.


American Academy of Arts and Sciences (foreign honorary member).


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Also author of the paper "Military Operations in the Han Period," China Society, 1961. Contributor to books, including introduction, A.F.P. Hulsewe, China in Central Asia, the Early Stage, 125 BC-AD 23: An Annotated Translation of Chapters 61 and 96 of the History of the Former Han Dynasty, E.J. Brill (Leiden, Netherlands), 1979.


Michael Loewe is a scholar of Chinese studies and the history of the Far East. Several of his works focus on the Han dynasty, the 400-year period in Chinese history distinguished by its organized administration, expansionist policies, and artistic achievement. Critics have noted Loewe's ability to present Chinese history in a way that a general audience can easily understand. Jessica Rawson, in a Times Literary Supplement review of The Pride that Was China, observed: "As a reference work this book is invaluable. It provides a quick overview of China's history, with an account of the complex systems of government and thought that China has evolved over 3,000 years."



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