Loewenson, Jean

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LOEWENSON, JEAN (Hans ; Lavi, Yoḥanan ; 1898–1966), Israel author and journalist. Born in Toruń, Poland, Loewenson was taken to Switzerland in 1907. After working as a newspaper correspondent in Paris and Geneva, he settled in Jerusalem in 1934. From 1936 he was correspondent for Havas, and then for Agence France-Presse until 1949. Later he worked for the French publications department of the Jewish Agency. Loewenson's literary quality shows best in his translations from German into French. His knowledge of Hebrew and of Jewish philosophy enabled him to produce outstanding versions of works by Martin *Buber and Gershom *Scholem. Loewenson's original poetical and philosophical prose works include Variations sur le destin (1944), Femmes en Israël (1950), Virtualités (1961), and Pièces pour une armature (1966).


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[Moshe Catane]