Jeffries, Roderic 1926–

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Jeffries, Roderic 1926–

(Peter Alding, Jeffrey Ashford, Hastings Draper, Roderic Graeme, Graham Hastings, Roderic Graeme Jeffries)

PERSONAL: Born October 21, 1926, in London, England; son of Graham Montague (a writer) and Lorna Helene Jeffries; married Rosemary Powys Woodhouse, March 13, 1958; children: Xanthe Kathleen, Crispin John. Education: Attended the University of Southampton School of Navigation, 1942–43; Gray's Inn, barrister-at-law. Hobbies and other interests: Shooting, training gun dogs, vintage Bentleys, travel, gardening, drinking local wines when in Spain.

ADDRESSES: Home—Mallorca, Spain.

CAREER: British Merchant Navy, 1943–49, began as an apprentice, became third officer; called to the Bar and practiced law, 1952–54; writer, 1954–

MEMBER: Paternosters.


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ADAPTATIONS: Several of Jeffries's books have been adapted for films, television, radio, and audio cassettes.

SIDELIGHTS: Roderic Jeffries began his career by writing books featuring his father's character, Blackshirt, a popular detective whose adventures have appeared in print for many decades. In time Jeffries branched out and began to write a variety of mystery novels under several different names. His most popular character is Inspector Enrique Alvarez of the Spanish island resort of Mallorca, "a middleaged man with a bit of a middleaged spread [who] takes a diligent, unhurried approach to solving crime," according to a reviewer for Publishers Weekly.

Alvarez's cases usually concern British tourists who are enjoying their holidays in the Spanish sun when they get entangled in murderous affairs. In Death Takes Time, for example, Alvarez must investigate the odd deaths of three English visitors. One has fallen from her terrace, another dies from a heroin overdose, and the third is found dead of gunshot wounds. A blackmail plot and a seemingly impossible timetable for the murders adds to the mystery, which Alvarez solves with what a Publishers Weekly critic called an "easy charm."

A Maze of Murders, the twenty-first Inspector Alvarez mystery, "features a particularly clever and intricate story line with enough murder, blackmail, and double-crosses to keep the pages turning rapidly," in the estimation of Booklist reviewer Stuart Miller. The inspector's personality is explored in greater depth than usual, as well; he muses about the changes that tourism has brought to his home, and about his mixed feelings toward those changes. He is also romantically drawn to the young cousin of one of his key suspects, and this situation reveals to readers why the inspector has never married. Miller rated this book a "must read" for established fans of Alvarez and "a wonderful introduction" for those new to the series.

An Enigmatic Disappearance drew praise from numerous reviewers. In this mystery, Alvarez investigates the disappearance of a beautiful young woman who is the wife of a fussy, impotent, much older man. Did she leave of her own accord? Alvarez at first assumes that she did, but when he discovers that the missing woman's husband had a similar incident in his past involving a previous wife—which included a murder and a large insurance premium—he realizes that things are more serious than they at first seemed. A Publishers Weekly critic wrote: "This is another small gem in a series that never fails to amuse."

Retired Bolivian diplomat Guido Zavala is found dead in his swimming pool in The Ambiguity of Murder, and the murder is soon connected to drug dealing. Alvarez also discovers that the dead man's young wife was having an affair with a gambler who owed her husband money. Jennifer Monahan Winberry noted in a review for Mystery Reader online that, although Jeffries has written many previous novels in this series, the author "has not allowed his job to jade his outlook on things, and he is just as determined not to settle for any answer, but to seek out the truth."

An Artful Death finds Alvarez hoping that Keith Vickers is missing due to accident or suicide, but when his body comes to the surface in a local cove, it is clear that there has been foul play and the inspector must act. When Alvarez questions a British cabinet minister, with whom the dead man had quarreled, he enrages his superior, Chief Salas. A Publishers Weekly contributor noted that Alvarez "has a Columbo-like capacity for fooling people into underestimating him."

A Publishers Weekly reviewer wrote that in Definitely Deceased, "the pace is deliberate, the path to the solution is serpentine and Alvarez is suavely charming as he doggedly pursues justice." This story finds Alvarez attempting to clear Miguel Munar of a smuggling charge, but the witness who may confirm his innocence turns up dead with a missing hand and head. Police Chief Salas orders that the case be taken over by Inspector Fuster, who would like to show up Alvarez.

Seeing Is Deceiving: An Inspector Alvarez Mystery begins on Good Friday, with Alvarez giving up his cognac and women, which soon has him in a poor state of mind. He has two cases to solve, one the death of bank employee Robina Wade, and the other the death of Marcial Ramos, whose body and motorcycle are found at the bottom of a ravine. The latter case becomes more interesting when Alvarez discovers that Ramos had been a peeping Tom.

An Intriguing Murder features the drowning death of Scott "Dinty" Muir, a ladies man who once broke the heart of Zara Locke, daughter of British expatriates Laura and Keir, in whose pool the body is found. Muir, who was a hemophiliac, was stabbed. Zara committed suicide because of the failed romance, and now the Lockes become come suspects. When Alvarez finds nearly a million euros in Muir's office safe, marked with the initials of a government official, he suspects bribery may be involved. Other characters include Muir's beautiful blonde date, who flirts with Alvarez, gossipy Adela, and the Muir servants, Pablo and Elena. "Brisk and brimming with irony, with a handsomely satisfying solution for the armchair detective," concluded a Kirkus Reviews contributor.

Alvarez is suspended from his job in An Air of Murder when Lady Gerrard complains to Salas about Alvarez's investigation of the murder of her servant, Dora, especially when the suspect seems to be her employer's brother-in-law.

Alvarez continues to enjoy his life—taking naps and sipping cognac and coffee—in A Sunny Disappearance until the trophy wife of British yachtsman Maurice Rook reports him missing, following the loss of their wealth when a property deal falls through. Alvarez suspects that the couple may have faked his drowning in order to collect on a million-dollar insurance policy, but his theory dissolves when the decomposed body of the man washes up on shore. Now he suspects that it may have been murder, but as he continues his investigation, Alvarez becomes smitten with the victim's niece, who herself may have had motives. Emily Melton in Booklist praised Jeffries's "deft plotting, delightful protagonist, laugh-aloud humor."

In Murder Delayed, the British police are trying to track down Michael Faber, who swindled his company and left the country, presumably for Mallorca. Alvarez is assigned the case and reluctantly pursues it, looking for a single man not clearly described on an island full of expatriates and tourists. His chase is interrupted by a romantic interlude, enjoyment of his favorite pleasures, and a murder. "Deliciously arch as ever," commented a Kirkus Reviews contributor, "Alvarez ends up clearing the case in a way that's as satisfying as it is improbably logical."



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