Huff, Brent 1961-

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HUFF, Brent 1961-


Born 1961.


Home—2203 Ridgemont Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90046.


Actor, director, and screenwriter. Director of films, including One Hundred Mile Rule. Actor in films, including (as Keith) Coach, Crown International Pictures, 1978; (as Willard) The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak (also known as Gwendoline and The Perils of Gwendoline), Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1984; (as Steve Gordon) Nine Deaths of the Ninja, Cannon Films, 1985; (as Sam Black) Deadly Passion, 1986; (as Tommy Roth) Armed Response (also known as Jade Jungle), Cintel Films, 1986; (as Zar) Stormquest, 1987; (as Morgan) Cop Game, 1988; Strike Commando 2, 1989; (as Sam Wood) Born to Fight, 1989; Sulle tracce del condor (also known as Condor), 1990; (as Parker Parks) Falling from Grace, Columbia, 1992; (as Red) We the People, 1994; (as Tinkercrank) Tinkercrank, 1995; (as Long John) Oblivion 2: Backlash (also known as Backlash: Oblivion 2), Full Moon, 1996; Final Justice, 1996; (as Agent Adams) Dead Tides, Live Entertainment, 1997; (as Till) Scorpio One, 1997; (as Bobby Joe) Girls' Night, 1998; Defiance (short film), 1998; (as Callin) The Bad Pack, Avalanche Home Entertainment, 1998; (as Randall Garrett) Hitman's Run, Avalanche Home Entertainment, 1999; (as Officer Mack) Hot Boyz, Artisan Entertainment, 1999; (as David Anderson)Hijack (also known as The Last Siege), Hallmark Entertainment, 1999; (as Miss Illinois local pageant host) Beautiful, Destination Films, 2000; (as Mack) Submerged, New City Releasing, 2000; and (as Shane) Final Exam, 2003.

Actor in made-for-television movies, including (as Samuels) Summer Fantasy, National Broadcasting Company, Inc. (NBC), 1984; (as Georg) Tierarztin Christine, 1993; (as Werner Sternbach-Stolze) Das Paradies am Ende der Berge, 1993; (as Birnbaum) Der Blaue Diamant (also known as Hunt for the Blue Diamond), 1993; (as Tilden) I Spy Returns, Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. (CBS), 1994; Der schwarze Fluch—Todliche Leidenschaften, 1994; and (as Lawrence Brendt) Hollywood Confidential, UPN, 1997. Played Adam Burns and Inferno in the television series Black Scorpion, 2001; guest starred as Steve "Psycho" Kessick in the television series Pensacola: Wings of Gold, syndicated, 1998-99.



(With Douglas L. Walton) The Bad Pack, Avalanche Home Entertainment, 1998.

Also author of We the People, 1994; Final Justice, 1996; Defiance (short film), 1998; with Adrian Fulle and Douglas L. Walton, Power Play, 2002; and, with Titus Llangort, Robert Tiffe, and Douglas L. Walton, Face of Terror, 2003.



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