Hufendick, Lawrence H. 1935–

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Hufendick, Lawrence H. 1935–

(David Spring)


Born August 18, 1935, in Keokuk, IA; son of Arthur (a farmer) and Alma (a homemaker) Hufendick; married Annette Buss, August 24, 1958 (divorced December 8, 1989). Ethnicity: ‘German.’ Education: Attended University of Kansas, 1957-60, University of Michigan, 1963, University of California, 1964, 1967, and Stanford University, 1968.


Home—Waukegan, IL.


Carthage College, Kenosha, WI, member of mathematics faculty, 1956-72. Also taught at Oakton Community College, University of Wisconsin—Parkside, and Chapman College.


Ideas: The Sparks of Life, privately printed, 1966.

Mathematics for the Liberal Arts Student, privately printed, 1972.

Theory of Knowledge, privately printed, 1980.

Something about Plants, privately printed, 1990.

Insanity …, privately printed, 1991.

"S’ Theorems, privately printed, 1993.

P … Formulas, privately printed, 1993.

Rhapsody Cut Short, privately printed, 1994.

SIC: Studies in Character, privately printed, 1995.

A Reprint from 1901, privately printed, 1995.

The Unpolished Scholar, privately printed, 1995.

The Music Lesson, privately printed, 1997.

Molecule by Molecule: The Body Works, privately printed, 2004.

Some writings appear under the pseudonym David Spring.


Lawrence H. Hufendick told CA: ‘I am a poor writer, and my typing skill is hardly adequate. But I believe that I have original ideas; that is, an ability to see the relationship between several facts. Writing is the only way to prevent all of the parts from getting lost."