Grillo, John 1942–

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Grillo, John 1942–

PERSONAL: Born November 29, 1942, in Watford, Hertfordshire, England.

ADDRESSES: Agent—Michell Braidman Associates, 3rd Ste., 10 Lower John St., London W1F 9EB, England.

CAREER: Actor in plays, including (as Dabble) Lock up Your Daughters, (as Billy Bones) Treasure Island, (as poet) Five to a Flat, (as Ingham) Little Malcolm and His Struggle against the Eunuchs, (in various roles) Beyond the Fringe, (as Andrei) The Three Sisters, (as Clarence) 2 Henry IV, (as Max) The Homecoming, (as Jopplin) A Shouting in the Streets, and (as Rusty Charley) Guys and Dolls, all Lincoln, England, 1996–67; (as Old Man) Hello Goodbye Sebastian, and (as Rasputin) The Rasputin Show, both Brighton, England, 1968; (as Verlaine) Total Eclipse, Royal Court Theatre, London, England, 1968; (as Glendower) Henry IV, and (various roles) Erogenous Zones, both Royal Court Theatre, 1969; (as Eddy) Tango, (as millionaire) Cliffwalk, (as Fawcett) Oh Everyman, Oh Colonel Fawcett, and (as Don Pedro) Much Ado about Nothing, all Castle Theatre, Farnham, England, 1969–70; (as Peowne) AC/DC, Royal Court Theatre, 1970; (as nurse) Number Three, Soho Theatre Club, London, 1970; (as reporter and deaf-and-dumb man) Lulu, and (as Marx) Anarchist, both Royal Court Theatre, 1971; (as thug) Dynamo, 1971; (as recorder) Inquisition, Soho Theatre Club, 1971; (as Mr. Bickerstaff) Mr. Bickerstaff's Establishment, London, 1972; (as Doc) The Tooth of Crime, London, 1972; (as Sergeant Kite) The Recruiting Officer, Hornchurch, Essex, England, 1972; (as Dr. Rank) A Doll's House, Greenwich, England, 1972; (as Poltorne) The Director of the Opera, Chichester, England, 1973; (as Gremio) The Taming of the Shrew, London, 1974; (as Ashley Withers) The End of Me Old Cigar, London, 1975; (as Horatio) Hamlet, Piccadilly Theatre, London, 1982; (as Comolet) Bussy D'Ambois, Old Vic Theatre, London, 1988; and Storm/After the Fire/The Ghost Sonata, Notting Hill, England, 1997.

Actor in films, including (as first man) Dynamo, 1972; (as Goodyear) Scum, World Northal, 1979; (as bank official) The Great Riviera Bank Robbery (also known as Dirty Money and Sewers of Gold), 1979; (as customs officer) Firefox, Warner Bros., 1982; (as interview official) Brazil, 1985; (as Jonah) Ha-Kala (also known as The Seventeenth Bride and The Bride), 1985; (as hotel manager) Blame It on the Bellboy, Bellboy Films Ltd., 1992; (as Chios Mapmaker) Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, Warner Bros., 1992; (as first official) Orlando, 1992; (as Mr. Berry) B & B, 1992; (as landlord) Jack and Sarah, 1995; (as Mr. West) FairyTale: A True Story (also known as Illumination), 1997; (as Sir Dinshaw Petit) Jinnah, 1998; (as Dr. Legear) The Affair of the Necklace, 2001; and (as Nina's father) Max, 2002; also appeared in The F and H Film.

Actor in television movies, including (as Joseph) The Lady of the Camellias, 1976; (as Caroline's husband) A Christmas Carol, 1977; (as Oswale) King Lear, 1982; (as Bell) Amy, 1984; Afterward, 1985; (as Barrow) A Little Princess, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), 1986; (as Jake Shapiro) The Alamut Ambush, 1986; (as Markos Togas) Out of the Shadows, Showtime, 1988; (as Mr. Parker) Danny, the Champion of the World, Disney Channel, 1989; (as Cantor) Shalom Joan Collins, 1989; (as Joseph Weiss) Max and Helen, Turner Network Television (TNT), 1990; (as pathologist) A Murder of Quality, PBS, 1991; (as Dr. Bronowski) Selected Exits, 1993; (as Dr. Ian Matthews) Trust, 1999; and (as Franks) Shackleton, 2002. Actor in television miniseries, including (as Mr. Samgrass) Brideshead Revisited, PBS, 1981; (as Prime) Blott on the Landscape, 1985; (as lawyer) Paradise Postponed, 1986; (as Johann Krauss) Queenie, American Broadcasting Companies (ABC), 1987; (as Cunningham) A Perfect Spy, PBS, 1988; (as Von Behr) The Man Who Lived at the Ritz, syndicated, 1988; The Modern World: Ten Great Writers, segment "Mann," 1988; Titmuss Regained, 1991; and (as Mr. Grimwig) Oliver Twist, 1999. Actor in television series, including (as Wilf) Three Up, Two Down, British Broadcasting Corporation Channel 1 (BBC-1), 1985–89; (as Jemadah) Watt on Earth, beginning 1991; (as Oscar William Leonard "Owly" Johnstone) Under the Hammer, began 1993; and (as Mr. Carkdale) Chalk, began 1997. Actor in television specials, including (as Judge Teasdale) Rumpole and the Bubble Reputation, PBS, 1989; (as man at the gallery) Mother Love, PBS, 1990; and (as Barty Pine) Titmuss Regained, PBS, 1992. Guest star on television series, including Chocky, Blackadder II, Rumpole of the Bailey, This Is David Harper, The Darling Buds of May, Boon, Between the Lines, Mike & Angelo, Lovejoy, and Cracker.



Gentlemen I …, produced in Cambridge, England, 1963.

It Will Come or I Won't, produced in Dublin, Ireland, 1965.

Hello Goodbye Sebastian, produced in Cambridge, England, 1965.

The Downfall of Jack Throb, produced in London, England, 1967.

The Fall of Samson Morocco, produced in London, England, 1969.

Oh Everyman, Oh Colonel Fawcett, produced in Farnham, Surrey, England, 1969.

Mr. Bickerstaff's Establishment, produced in Glasgow, Scotland, 1969, expanded version produced in London, England, 1972.

Number Three, (produced in London, England, 1970), published in Short Plays, Methuen (London, England), 1972.

Blubber, produced in London, England, 1971.

Zonk, produced in London, England, 1971.

Food, produced in London, England, 1971.

Will the King Leave His Tea Pot, produced in London, England, 1971.

George and Moira Entertain a Member of the Opposite Sex to Dinner, produced in London, England, 1971.

The Hammer and the Hacksaw, produced in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1971.

Christmas Box and Civitas Dei (double-bill), produced London, England, 1972.

History of a Poor Old Man, produced in London, England, 1972.

Snaps, produced in London, England, 1973.

Crackers, produced in London, England, 1973.

Mr. Ives' Magic Punch and Judy Show, produced in London, England, 1973.

Also author of television play Nineteen Thirty Nine, 1973.

SIDELIGHTS: British writer and actor John Grillo began his career as a playwright in the 1960s and wrote several plays over the next ten years. Among his most popular is Hello Goodbye Sebastian, about a gravedigger who aspires to a more genteel life. As an actor, Grillo has played a great many parts on stage, and has been cast in numerous roles in films and television productions.



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