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Grilled ★½ Men Don't Quit 2006 (R)

Struggling meat salesmen Maurice (Romano) and Dave (James) have their bacon on the line if they don't make a big sale. There's also a mobster, his girl, and a couple of hitmen that also involve the guys. The duo did much better on the small screen, having misplaced their comedy chops while making this yawner. 77m/ C DVD . US Ray Romano, Kevin James, Juliette Lewis, Sofia Vergara, Michael Rapaport, Barry Newman, Burt Reynolds, Kim Coates, Eric Allen Kramer, Jack Kehler, Jon Polito, Lisa Jane Persky, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Caroline Aaron, Richard Libertini, Lisa Edelstein; D: Jason Ensler; W: William Tepper; C: Lawrence Sher; M: Adam Cohen. VIDEO