Busalacchi, Stephen J. 1961–

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Busalacchi, Stephen J. 1961–


Born 1961, in Milwaukee, WI; married; wife's name Maureen (an executive director); children: two. Ethnicity: "Italian." Education: University of Wisconsin, Madison, B.A., 1984. Religion: Catholic. Hobbies and other interests: Photography, tennis, basketball, and biking.


Home and office— Madison, WI. Agent— Apollo's Voice, LLC, P.O. Box 628044, Middleton, WI 53562-8044. E-mail— [email protected].


Wisconsin Public Radio, Madison, medical reporter, 1984-97; Wisconsin Medical Society, Madison, public relations director, 1997-2007; Busalacchi Communications, LLC, Madison, principal, 2007—. Member of United Way of Dane County Healthy for Life Committee and Rotary Club.


Public Relations Society of America (director of Madison Chapter), Wisconsin Speakers Association.


Radio Award, Wisconsin Council of Developmental Disabilities, 1988; Honorable Mention, American Women in Radio and Television, 1990; Honorable Mention, Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, 1990; Merit Award, Northwest Broadcast News Association, 1990; Radio Award, Wisconsin Council of Developmental Disabilities, 1991; First Place Series, Northwest Broadcast News Association, 1992; First Place, Major Market Series, Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, 1992; School Bell Award, Wisconsin Education Association Council, 1992; Merit Awards Series, Northwest Broadcast News Association, 1993; Advanced Reporters Symposium, National Public Radio, 1993; Best Series, Milwaukee Press Club, 1994; Journalist of the Year, State Medical Society, 1994; Golden Gavel Award, State Bar Association, 1994; Media Recognition, American Cancer Society, 1994, 1996; Merit Award, Northwest Broadcast News Association, 1995; Personal Finance Reporting, American University/Investment Company Institute, 1995; First Place Documentary, Milwaukee Press Club, 1995; Best Business and Financial News Coverage, Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism, 1996; Merit Feature, Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, 1997; First Place, Associated Press, 1997; Media Excellence, Wisconsin Dietetic Association, 1997; Best Color Newsletter, Public Relations Society of America—Madison Capter, 2003; Media Relations Award, Public Relations Society of America—Madison Chapter, 2002; Merit Award, Medical Society of Milwaukee County, 2004; Community Service Award, American Academy of Pediatrics—Wisconsin Chapter, 2004; Medical Issues Reporting Award, Wisconsin Medical Society, 2007.


Media Savvy, Media Success!, Apollo's Voice (Middleton, WI), 2007.

(With Samantha Flock and Walter Kleine)White Coat Wisdom, Apollo's Voice (Middleton, WI), 2008.

Also contributor to Wisconsin Academy Review, Wisconsin Public Radio, and National Public Radio.


Beginning his career as a medical reporter for Wisconsin Public Radio in Madison, Wisconsin, Stephen J. Busalacchi has since been the recipient of numerous awards for his work as both a reporter and a public relations director. During his twenty-five-year career in the health-care media field, Busalacchi worked for the Wisconsin Medical Society and National Public Radio before starting his own communications firm in 2007. Busalacchi continues to represent physicians and other medical professionals. In an interview with Julie Sneider of the Business Journal of Milwaukee, Busalacchi stated, "I have so many contacts within the health industry, it makes sense for me to continue in health care." Busalacchi's current clients include the Medical College of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians.

In 2007, Busalacchi published the work Media Savvy, Media Success!, a book designed to assist those working in the medical community in understanding the importance of developing relationships with news media and how to best communicate with the media during interviews. The book serves as a guide to help medical professionals present sometimes complicated information to the media in a clear manner. In a review on the Apollo's Voice Web site, Patrick Remington, a physician at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, remarked that medical professionals should "keep this book handy—it could make the difference between embarrassment and success the next time you get a call from a reporter."

In late 2007, Busalacchi published the book White Coat Wisdom. The book highlights the many extraordinary physicians Busalacchi met during his career as a medical journalist. Within the chapters, physicians talk about their journeys through medical school, the pressures and joys of being a doctor, and how their careers impact their personal lives. At the same time, these doctors discuss the important medical conditions that they see their patients deal with every day. In a review on the Apollo's Voice Web site, former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop called the book "a good read for anyone but, of course, of special interest to the growing number involved in health and medicine." On the same Web site, Dr. Nancy W. Dickey, president of the Texas A&M Health Science Center, called White Coat Wisdom "an easy read that offers insights into the many influences on care from those within the profession. It is just plain enjoyable reading. And for those who might be considering entering the profession of medicine, it certainly reassures that doctors are as varied as our patients!"

Busalacchi told CA: "I first became interested in writing after I met an extraordinary number of gifted communicators as a medical journalist. I always knew there had to be a good story behind each of these people. My book White Coat Wisdom provided the opportunity to get to know these extraordinary people and learn how they accomplished so much in their lives.

"I've always been a big fan of [American author and broadcaster] Studs Terkel. The first oral history I ever read was [Terkel's book]Working, which I enjoyed tremendously. I love hearing people express themselves naturally, in their own voice. Another influence was [American author, reporter, and columnist] Mike Royko, who always had a fresh and wonderful voice. He spoke clearly and without pretense.

"I write conversationally, always trying to hook the reader with interesting anecdotes when possible. Everybody has a story to tell, no matter what your place in society. We all have unique experiences, and we can learn a tremendous amount from each other.

" White Coat Wisdom is my first attempt at a hardcover book, and it has turned out as well or better than I had hoped. These doctors are truly extraordinary, and I have learned so much from them in the process of preparing this book. I hope readers gain a better appreciation for physicians and, in doing so, learn how to better care for themselves and their families."



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