Burgess, Mary A(lice Wickizer) 1938-

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BURGESS, Mary A(lice Wickizer) 1938-

PERSONAL: Born June 21, 1938, in San Bernardino, CA; daughter of Russell Alger (an attorney and judge) and (Wilma) Evelyn (Swisher) Wickizer; married Floyd Edward Rogers, September 15, 1956 (divorced); married Michael Roy Burgess (also known as Robert Reginald; a writer), October 15, 1976; children: (first marriage) Richard Albert Rogers, Mary Louise Rogers Reynnells. Education: San Bernardino Valley College, A.A. (real estate), 1968; California State College (now University), San Bernardino, B.A. (history and English; high honors), 1975; graduate work in history at California State University, San Bernardino, and University of California, Riverside. Politics: Democrat. Hobbies and other interests: Genealogy, films, travel.

ADDRESSES: Offıce—Millefleurs Information Services, P.O. Box 2845, San Bernardino, CA 92406-2845. E-mail—[email protected].

CAREER: Editor and author. Pacific Bell Telephone & Telegraph Company, San Bernardino, CA, long-distance operator, 1955-56, teletype operator and relief teller for Colton, CA, business office of Pacific Bell, 1956-57; Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino, data entry operator, 1958; Lynwyck Realty and Investment Company, Inc., San Bernardino, treasurer and real estate broker, beginning 1962; U.S. Post Office, postal clerk, 1969; California State College (now University), San Bernardino, at John M. Pfau Library, as student assistant, then clerical assistant, 1974-76, purchasing agent, 1976-81. Borgo Press, San Bernardino, publisher and editor, 1975-99; Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review, associate publisher, 1979-80; Millefleurs Information Services, co-owner (with husband), 2000—; freelance researcher, 2000—. Has also done freelance indexing for a variety of reference and academic publishers.


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Contributor of essays, reviews, obituaries, and bibliographies for various reference works, including Things to Come: An Illustrated History of the Science-Fiction Film, by Robert Reginald and Douglas Menville, Times Books, 1977; (with Reginald) The Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine and Self-Help, by Malcolm Hulke, Schocken Books, 1979; (with Reginald) The Presidential-Congressional Political Dictionary, by Jeffrey M. Elliot and Sheikh R. Ali, ABC-CLIO, 1984; The Arms Control, Disarmament, and Military Security Dictionary, by Reginald and Jeffrey M. Elliot, ABC-CLIO, 1989; Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature, five volumes, Salem Press, 1983; Xenograffıti: Essays on Fantastic Literature, by Reginald, Borgo Press, 1996; Twentieth-Century Science-Fiction Authors, fourth edition, St. James Press, 1996; and the Contemporary Authors series.

WORK IN PROGRESS: A history and genealogy of the Campbell family, a second edition of the Wickizer family history, and (with Michael Burgess) Index Litteratus, a comprehensive index to the literary publications of Borgo Press and Starmont House.

SIDELIGHTS: Mary A. Burgess is best known in the publishing world for her association with Borgo Press and its associated imprints. Borgo Press, which was founded in 1975 and published its first two books in April of 1976, had published exactly three hundred volumes when it finally closed its doors in 1999. The press focused on the criticism of genre literature and historical research, topics that reflect the personal interests of its founders, Burgess and her husband, Michael Burgess (who writes under the pen name Robert Reginald). Initially, Burgess focused on the business aspects of the enterprise, but she quickly began doing typesetting, indexing, and other production work on the books. By the late 1970s she was doing copy and textual editing, as well as writing back cover and advertising copy for the line. Soon she was extensively reorganizing and reworking the texts of out-of-print volumes reprinted by Borgo Press, and providing rewriting and other editorial services for the press's projects.

Burgess told CA: "I have been involved my whole life with books and things literary. I was taught to read by my nursery school teacher, and was subsequently 'skipped' into the third from the first grade because of that fact. I quickly worked my way through all the books in the tiny library which serviced our mountain community grammar school, and moved on to my parents' 'Book-of-the-Month' club offerings, reading such things as Forever Amber and The Kinsey Report at a very tender age. These things were never censored from me and, as a result, I am a strong believer in allowing children to read what they will, when they will. The important thing is to read, read, read. All else will follow from that.

"I have always been addicted to the study of history. I took up genealogy when just a child, gleaning all the facts I could from our family's collection of such things, and pestering my grandmother for further details. She was born in 1876, and lived to be almost 102 years old, so talking with her was like talking to a time machine. I have spent many hours working on my family histories and, in one of the greatest instances of serendipity I could have imagined, discovered after my second marriage that my husband shared an equal addiction. From that time on, we've spent most of our vacations and free time together researching our genealogies, traveling to small towns across the United States and Canada, investigating old cemeteries, working in court houses, and meeting numerous kinfolk. Sharing this obsession has been a great joy for both of us, and one we could not have predicted.

"My marriage [to Michael Burgess], in fact, has been one of the significant events of my life. Finding another human being who shared such common interests with me has seemed like a continuing miracle. From the day we first met (in the library, of course!), our lives have been centered around books—reading them, researching them, writing them, editing them, indexing them, and publishing them. Our publishing business, in fact, is only a few months older than our marriage. Together we've edited, indexed, and published some three hundred books—not a bad record for twenty-three years, and one which speaks more eloquently for our interests and how we spend our time than even the most detailed essay could.

"My other interests, shared with my husband, include films (watching, critiquing, and writing about them), and travel (usually to do on-site research). But books are still first, and always will be. In spite of all the 'on-line' frenzy these days, there is still nothing so entertaining as settling down to read a good book—and nothing so soul-satisfying as writing or publishing one."



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