Burckhardt, Titus 1908-1984

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BURCKHARDT, Titus 1908-1984

PERSONAL: Born 1908, in Florence, Italy; died 1984, in Lausanne, Switzerland; son of Carl Burckhardt (a sculptor).

CAREER: Scholar, translator, and publisher. Urs Graf Verlag (publishing house), Olten, Switzerland, artistic director, 1942-68. UNESCO consultant to preservation of city of Fez, 1972-75. Director of exhibition of Islamic art at Hayward Gallery, London, England, 1976.


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Author's works have been translated into several languages, including French.

SIDELIGHTS: Writing in both German and French, scholar Titus Burckhardt spent his lifetime studying and writing about the concept of "universal truth." Born the son of sculptor Carl Burckhardt and great-nephew of noted art historian Jacob Burckhardt, Burckhardt attended schools in Switzerland, then traveled to Morocco where he learned Arabic and studied Sufi texts and Islamic culture and history. He belonged to the traditionalist school of twentieth-century authors, both in a literary and philosophical sense.

For several years, Burckhardt worked as the artistic director at Urs Graf Verlag, a publishing house located in Switzerland. He was involved in making high-quality facsimiles of medieval manuscripts, including the Book of Kells, the Book of Durrow from Trinity College, Dublin, and the Book of Lindisfarne from the British Library. The work was groundbreaking and attracted the attention and admiration of both experts and the public alike. While he was working on this project, Burckhardt published several articles and books, which also received wide acclaim.

In his 1953 book, translated as An Introduction of Sufi Doctrine, Burckhardt examines esoterism, specifically Islamic esoterism or "Sufism," and concludes with a description of "spiritual alchemy." In the area of cosmology, Burckhardt's principal work is Alchemy: Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul, in which he described alchemy as the expression of spiritual psychology.

Sacred Art in East and West studies the metaphysics and aesthetics of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islam, while Fez, City of Islam focuses on the heritage of Morocco. Considered one of his most important works, Fez, City of Islam took root when Burckhardt travelled to Morocco as a young man and became intimately familiar with the people and spiritual heritage of the Maghrib. Although he wrote of this formative period in his life, it was not until much later Burckhardt transformed these experiences and writings into book form.

Moorish Culture in Spain, which Burckhardt published in 1970, is similar in tone to Fez, City of Islam, yet introduces the concepts of romance, chivalry, and poetry. He studies the religious idealism that inspired the construction of medieval cathedrals in Chartres and the Birth of the Gothic Cathedral, which relates the different architectural styles of the French city's cathedrals to the intellectual and spiritual thinking of the time.

Art of Islam: Language and Meaning, Burckhardt's last major work, focuses on the spiritual role of Islamic art forms. The book won broad acclaim and stands as a great final achievement for a man who contributed significantly to the study of truth and traditionalism.



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