Burchard of Worms°

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BURCHARD OF WORMS ° (c. 965–1025), bishop of Worms from 1000. The publication of the Decretum, a canonical collection compiled by Burchard or under his direction between 1008 and 1012, was an important event in the history of canon law. The canons concerning Jews appear in Book iv, which deals with questions of baptism and confirmation. As the theological basis for behavior toward the Jews, Burchard refers to a passage from the Moralia of *Gregory the Great which recalls the prophecy of their final conversion. Extensive use of Burchard's Decretum was made in the canonical collection of *Ivo of Chartres toward the end of the 11th century but a much more hostile attitude to the Jews was evident by then.


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[Bernhard Blumenkranz]