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Acosta, Marta


Born in San Francisco, CA; married; children: a son. Education: Stanford University, B.A. Hobbies and other interests: Gardening, independent films, funny novels, loud music, lively conversation.


Home—CA. Agent—Julie Castiglia, Castiglia Literary Agency, 1155 Camino del Mar, Ste. 510, Del Mar, CA 92014. E-mail—[email protected]


Writer, journalist.


Happy Hour at Casa Dracula, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 2006.

Midnight Brunch, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 2007.

Contributor to San Francisco Chronicle and other newspapers.


Marta Acosta's first novel, Happy Hour at Casa Dracula, crossed and blended genres: a vampire tale that is also a romance, part science fiction, and part zany humor. "I wanted to write something funny, but the underlying theme was a search for family by someone who was an outsider," Acosta told Heather Maddan of the San Francisco Chronicle. Her story of Milagro de los Santos, a well-educated young woman who falls in love with a vampire while searching for her rightful place in the world, fit that formula. Milagro is a woman who cannot seem to get it right with men, until one night at the book signing of her former boyfriend Sebastian when she exchanges kisses with Oswaldo, a successful doctor who manages to slightly bite her at first kiss. She falls ill, and Oswaldo takes her to his home to recover. However, the menagerie of family with a "blood condition" that awaits her at Oswaldo's home makes Milagro think twice about her newfound amour. Harriet Klausner, reviewing this debut novel in Best Reads, found it "one of the best vampire romances in several years," as well as a "fast-paced story line [that] never slows down until the final bite occurs." Similar praise came from Booklist contributor Kristine Huntley, who termed the novel "a fun, snappy read for romantic fantasy fans." Likewise, a reviewer for California Bookwatch commended the book's mixture of "action, romance and a healthy dose of humor."

Milagro's adventures continue in the 2007 novel Midnight Brunch, an "addictive combo plate of romance and vamp satire," according to a Publishers Weekly contributor. Here Milagro, recovering from her vampire infection, is threatened by one of the more bizarre members of Oswaldo's clan, all of whom complain of a rare genetic disorder that others choose to call vampirism. BookLoons reviewer Martina Bexte also had praise for this second novel, calling it a "delightful sequel" with a "generous helping of smart and hip satire and a cast of characters who are as quirky as they are charming."



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