Acosta León, Ángel (1932–1964)

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Acosta León, Ángel (1932–1964)

Ángel Acosta León (b. 1932; d. 1964), Cuban painter. Born in Havana, Acosta León attended the famous San Alejandro school of painting and sculpture on a scholarship. He worked at odd jobs, including train conductor, to support himself while pursuing a career in the arts. In 1958 and 1959 he won prizes at expositions in Havana and received another award in 1959 from the National Salon. In 1960 Acosta León won a poster contest sponsored by the new National Institute of Industry and Tourism, and his oil painting Carruaje earned him a prize at the Second Pan-American Biennial in Mexico. Images of wheels and modern technology dominate Acosta's paintings; his major works are Cafetera, Carro, and El circo (all 1959), and Carruaje (1960).

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