Acosta García, Julio (1872–1954)

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Acosta García, Julio (1872–1954)

Julio Acosta García (b. 23 May 1872; d. 6 July 1954), president of Costa Rica (1920–1924). As a nephew of Braulio Carrillo (president 1834–1841) and a descendant of the conquistador Juan Vázquez de Coronado, Acosta was well positioned for public life. He held many posts in the Costa Rican government, including delegate to the Constitutional Congress of 1902–1906, governor of his home province of Alajuela (1907), and consul to El Salvador (1912–1915) before winning the presidency in 1920. Acosta, a Liberal, served as Costa Rica's delegate to the Central American Unionist Party. He engaged troops in a border conflict with Panama. After his term he received many national and international awards and was the chief of Costa Rica's delegation to the United Nations organizational meetings in San Francisco in 1945.

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