Stradal, August

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Stradal, August

Stradal, August, Bohemian pianist; b. Teplitz, May 17, 1860; d. Schönlinde, Germany, March 13, 1930. He studied composition with Bruckner at the Vienna Cons. and piano with Door; was a pupil of Liszt in 1884, and became an ardent propagandist for Liszt’s piano music. He gave concerts in Germany, Austria, France, and England, and also made arrangements of Liszt’s orch. works; also of works by Bach, Frescobaldi, etc. His original compositions consist of piano pieces (Ungarische Rhapsodie, etc.) and songs. He wrote Erinnerungen an Franz Liszt (Bern, 1929).


H. Stradai, A. S.s Lebensbild (Bern, 1934).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire