Strachan, Ian

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STRACHAN, Ian. Also writes as Robin Campbell, Nikki Fisher, Maria Palmer, Ben Taylor. British, b. 1938. Genres: Novels. Career: Stage director in theaters around Britain through 1966; television producer and radio presenter for British Broadcasting Corporation through 1990; writer. Publications: Moses Beech, 1981; The Soutar Retrospective, 1982, as Pebble on the Beach, 1991; Journey of a Thousand Miles, 1984; Bang! Bang! You're Dead!, 1988; The Flawed Glass, 1989; Picking Up the Threads, 1989; Wayne Loves Custard?, 1990; The Ferryman's Son, 1990; The Second Step, 1991; (as Ben Taylor) Star for a Month, 1991; (as Ben Taylor) Falling Star, 1991; (as Ben Taylor) Summer Special, 1991; Throwaways, 1992; The Upside Down World of Ginger Nutt, 1992; The Boy in the Bubble, 1993; (as Robin Campbell) The Final Act, 1994; Kidnap!, 1994; Hidden Depths, 1995; House of Danger, 1995; The Stray Cat's Tale, 1995; (as Maria Palmer) Sliced Apart, 1995; (as Nikki Fisher) Lucky Break, 1995; (as Nikki Fisher) Undercurrents, 1995. Contributor of short stories to anthologies. Strachan's books have been translated into several languages, including Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Norwegian and Spanish. Address: c/o Caroline Sheldon, 71 Hillgate Pl., London W8 7SS, England.