Strahler, Arthur N(ewell)

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STRAHLER, Arthur N(ewell)

STRAHLER, Arthur N(ewell). American (born India), b. 1918. Genres: Geography, Earth sciences. Career: Columbia University, NYC, lecturer, 1941-45, instructor, 1945-47, assistant professor, 1947-52, associate professor, 1952-58, professor of geomorphology, 1958-68, professor emeritus, 1968-, chair of geology department, 1959-62; writer, 1968-. Publications: Physical Geography, 1951, 4th ed., 1975; The Earth Sciences, 1963, 2nd ed., 1971; The Story of Our Earth, 1963; Introduction to Physical Geography, 1965, 3rd ed., 1973; A Geologist's View of Cape Cod, 1966; (with J.G. Navarra) Our Planet in Space: The Earth Sciences, 1967; Exercises in Physical Geography, 1969, 3rd ed., 1984; Planet Earth: Its Physical Systems through Geologic Time, 1972; (with J.G. Navarra) Our Environment in Space: The Earth Sciences, 1973; (with A.H. Strahler) Environmental Geo- science: Interaction between Natural Systems and Man, 1973; (with A.H. Strahler) Introduction to Environmental Science, 1974; (with A.H. Strahler) Elements of Physical Geography, 1976, 4th ed., 1989; Principles of Earth Science, 1976; (with A.H. Strahler) Geography and Man's Environment, 1977; Principles of Physical Geology, 1977; (with A.H. Strahler) Modern Physical Geography, 1978, 4th ed., 1992; (with K.R. Atkins and J.R. Holum) Essentials of Physical Science, 1978; Physical Geology, 1981; Science and Earth History: The Evolution/Creation Controversy, 1987; (with A.H. Strahler) Investigating Physical Geography: An Exercise Manual, 1989; Understanding Science: An Introduction to Concepts and Issues, 1992; (with A.H. Strahler) Introducing Physical Geography, 1994; (with A.H. Strahler) Physical Geography: Science and Systems of the Human Environment, 1997. Died 2002.