Serenade to Music

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Serenade to Music. Setting by Vaughan Williams for 16 solo vv. (4 sop., 4 cont., 4 ten., 4 bass) and orch. of passage from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, comp. for Sir Henry Wood's golden jubilee as a cond., London, Oct. 1938. Orig. singers were Stiles Allen, Isobel Baillie, Elsie Suddaby, Eva Turner, Margaret Balfour, Muriel Brunskill, Astra Desmond, Mary Jarred, Parry Jones, Heddle Nash, Frank Titterton, Walter Widdop, Norman Allin, Robert Easton, Roy Henderson, and Harold Williams. Also arr. for 4 soloists and orch., for ch. and orch., or for orch. (1940).