Schwindl, Friedrich

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Schwindl, Friedrich

Schwindl, Friedrich, violinist and composer; b.May 3, 1737; d. Karlsruhe, Aug. 7, 1786. He was Konzertmeister to the Margrave of Wied- Runkel and virtuoso di camera to the Count of Colloredo before going to The Hague (about 1770), where he was active as a teacher and as first violinist to Prince William V of Orange. After a sojourn in Switzerland, he was made Konzertmeister to the Margrave of Bad Durlach in Karlsruhe in 1780. Throughout his career, he traveled widely as a virtuoso. He was greatly admired as a composer of instrumental music, which was played in Europe and even in America during his lifetime. His output includes more than 30 syms., much chamber music, and vocal pieces.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire