Schoeck, Othmar (Gottfried)

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Schoeck, Othmar (Gottfried) (b Brunnen, Switz., 1886; d Zurich, 1957). Swiss composer and conductor. Choral cond. 1909–17, then cond. St Gallen sym. concerts 1917–44. Noted for lyrical vocal comps. Works incl. 5 operas, incl. Penthesilea (1924–5), Elegie, v. and chamber orch. (1922–3), Lebendig begraben, low v. and orch. (1926), Notturno, bar., str. qt. (1931–3), several song-cycles with pf. acc., vc. conc., hn. conc., vn. conc., and chamber mus.