Matho, Jean-Baptiste

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Matho, Jean-Baptiste

Matho, Jean-Baptiste, French composer; b. Brittany, c. 1660; d. Versailles, March 16, 1746. He was a choirboy at the French court. In 1684 he became chantre laïe de la chapelle, in 1688 maître de chante de la musique de la Dauphine, and in 1717 cantre ordinaire à la chapelle royale and chantre de la chambre. In 1722 he was made maître de musique du roi, and in 1723 maître de musique de l’Infante. With Royer, he assumed the post of maître de musique des Enfans in 1734. He was the foremost Breton composer of the age. In his works, he followed in the tradition of Lulli. He composed the opera Arion (Paris, April 10, 1714), ballets, divertissements, and motets.

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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