Matienzo, Benjamín (1891–1919)

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Matienzo, Benjamín (1891–1919)

Benjamín Matienzo (b. 9 April 1891; d. May 1919), pioneer Argentine aviator. Born in San Miguel de Tucumán, son of a Bolivian-born jurist of the same name, Matienzo followed a military career. He became an aviation enthusiast at an early age and attended the Escuela de Aviación Militar in Palomar. In May 1919 he and two companions set out to fly over the Andes to Chile. Bad weather caused his companions to return to Mendoza; Matienzo, however, pushed ahead. His plane was forced down near Las Cuevas. While attempting to walk into the town, he froze to death. A monument commemorates his determination and sacrifice.

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