Marriage, The

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Marriage, The (Zhenitba).
1. Unfinished opera by Mussorgsky to his own lib. based on Gogol's comedy (1842). 1 act completed 1868. Concert perf. at Rimsky-Korsakov's house 1906, stage (with pf. acc.) St Petersburg 1908, first full prod. in Rimsky's rev., Petrograd 1917. Others who have orch. the score are Gauk (1917), d'Harcourt (1930), Duhamel (1954), and Rozhdestvensky (1982).

2. Opera in 1 act by Martinů to his own lib. after Gogol. Amer. TV (NBC) 1953; stage prod. Hamburg 1954.

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Marriage, The

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