Marriage on the Rocks

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Marriage on the Rocks ★★1965

Mildly amusing marital comedy finds Valerie (Kerr) bored by her 20-year marriage to Dan (Sinatra) so she decides to divorce him. The family lawyer (McGiver) persuades them to take a would-be second honeymoon to Mexico instead, which is cut short for Dan by business. Meanwhile, a mix-up with Mexican lawyer Santos (Romero) actually has the couple divorced. Then, when Dan's womanizing best buddy Ernie (Martin) shows up, he accidentally marries Valerie. More complications ensue but not much comes of all the havoc. 109m/C VHS . Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr, Dean Martin, Cesar Romero, John McGiver, Hermione Baddeley, Tony Bill, Nancy Sinatra; D: Jack Donohue; W: Cy Howard; C: William H. Daniels; M: Nelson Riddle.

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Marriage on the Rocks

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