Marez Oyens, Tera de

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Marez Oyens, Tera de

Marez Oyens, Tera de, Dutch composer, pianist, conductor, and teacher; b. Velzen, Aug. 5, 1932. She was a piano student of Jan Ode at the Amsterdam Cons., graduating when she was 20. She also took courses there in harpsichord, violin, and conducting. After further training with Henkemens (composition and orchestration), she studied electronic music with Koenig at the Inst. of Sonology at the Univ. of Utrecht. She was active as a pianist and conductor. She also was a prof. at the Zwolle Cons, (until 1988). In her music, Marez Oyens has utilized both traditional and contemporary modes of expression.


orch.:Introduzione (1969); Transformation (1972); Human for Orch. and Tape (1975); Shoshadre for Strings (1976); Episodes for Orch. and Adaptable Ensemble (1976); In Exile, concertino for Piano and Strings (1977); Litany of the Victims of War (1985); Structures and Dance, violin concerto (1986; Hilversum, Jan. 22, 1987); 3 syms.: No. 1, Sinfonia Testimonial, for Chorus, Orch., and Tape (The Hague, Nov. 1987), No. 2, Squaw Sachem (1993), and No. 3, Ceremonies (1993); Symmetrical Memories, cello concerto (1988; Scheveningen, March 19, 1989); Confrontations, piano concerto (1990; Utrecht, Dec. 1991); Interface for Strings (1991); Linzer Concert, accordion concerto (Linz, Nov. 1991); Alto Saxophone Concerto (1992). chamber:Deducties for Oboe and Harpsichord (1964); Wind Octet (1972); Mahpoochah for 7 or More Instruments (1978); Mosaic for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, and Piano (1979); Concerto for Horn and Tape (1980); Polskie Miasta for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano (1981); 3 string quartets, including Contrafactus (1981) and No. 3 (1988); Lenaia for Flute (1982; also as Lenaia Quintet for Flute, 2 Violins, Viola, and Cello); Octopus for Bass Clarinet and Percussion (1982); Möbius by Ear for Viola and Piano (1983); Ambiversion for Bass Clarinet and Tape (1983); Trajectory for Saxophone Quartet (1985); Powerset for Saxophone Quartet and Percussion (1986); Free for All for 5 Instruments (1986); Gilgamesh Quartet for 4 Trombones (1988); Dublin Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano (1989); NamSan for Marimba (1993); A Wrinkle in Time for Flute, Violin, Viola, and Piano (1994). keyboard: piano: Sonatine (1961); Sonatine for 2 Pianos (1963); Ballerina on a Cliff {1980); Charon’s Gift for Piano and Tape (1982); Sentenced to Dream (1990); The Uncarved Block for Piano and Tape (1994). organ:Partita (1958). vocal:Zuid Afrikaanse Liederen for Soprano or Tenor and Piano (1951); Tragödie for Men’s Chorus (1957); Der Chinesische Spiegel for Tenor and Orch. (1962); Deposuit Potentos de Sede for Chorus (1970); Pente Sjawoe Kost for 7 Narrators and Chorus (1970); Canto di Parole for Chorus (1971); Bist du Bist II for Chorus (1973); From Death to Birth for Chorus (1974); Ode to Kelesh for Chorus and Instruments (1975); The Lover for Chorus (1975); The Odyssey of Mr. Goodevil, oratorio for 4 Soloists, 2 Narrators, 2 Choruses, and Orch. (1976–81); The Fire and the Mountains, cantata for Chorus and Orch. (1978; rev. 1984); Takadon for Voices and Chamber Ensemble (1978); And Blind She Remained for Voice, Keyboard, and Percussion (1978); 3 Hymns for Mezzo-soprano and Piano (1979); Black for Chorus (1981); Het Lied van de Duizend Ängsten for 2 Soloists, 2 Choruses, and Orch. (1984); Vignettes for Soprano, Flute, Percussion, and Piano (1986); Music for a Small Planet for Voice, 8 Melody Instruments, and Percussion (1988); Shadow of a Prayer for Soprano, Flute, and Piano (1989); From a Distant Planet for Baritone or Alto or Mezzo-soprano and Piano (1990); Recurrent Thoughts of a Haunted Traveller for Soprano and Saxophone Quartet (1991); If Only for Soprano, Flute, Percussion, and Piano (1991); Carichi pendenti for Soprano, Accordion, and Cello (1993); Strange Logic for Contralto and Orch. (1994). electronic:Etude II (1964); Safed (1968); Photophonie for 4 Tracks and 8 Light Sources (1971); Mixed Feelings for 4 Tracks and Percussion (1973); Dances of Illusion, verbosonic-electronic ballet (1985); Lier for Voices and Electronics (1991). other: Pieces for school orch. and amateur groups.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire